Whopping Percentage of College Republicans Don’t Feel Safe Sharing Views on College Campuses

Liberty University Office of Spiritual Development/Facebook

A new survey released last week shows a large percentage of Republican students on college campuses said they feel unsafe on campuses for holding their political views, Fox News reported Tuesday.

The survey — conducted by online education platform OneClass — gathered data from 1,500 students at 207 schools and found that “less than half” of Republicans on college campuses felt welcome there.

The poll also found that 37.5 percent of college Republicans do not feel safe on campus for having their political views — “three times more likely” than Democratic students, who sit at 11.5 percent.

A 2017 Harvard poll of Americans aged 18 to 29 showed a similar story, reporting that only 25 percent of college Republicans felt safe sharing their political views on campus “without fear of censorship or repercussions,” compared to the 60 percent of college Democrats who feel the same.

Additionally, over half of college Republicans (55.1 percent) do not inform their friends of their political stances, while only about 16 percent of college Democrats keep their political cards close to their chest.

Jerry Zhang of OneClass said the reason for this is “the fear of being cast with damning labels and feeling ostracized”:

The fear of being cast with damning labels and feeling ostracized is a genuine for conservatives on campus. It’s also why 55.1% of Republicans are closet conservatives who don’t tend to share their political orientation with their friends.

For Democrats, being part of a college campus that mostly shares their views could be what contributes to feeling accepted in inner and wider circles.

College Republicans are also twice “more likely to want to transfer schools after a political encounter” than Democrats, with over 10 percent of college Republicans considering an institution move after a political confrontation.

This survey was released nearly two weeks after police arrested a suspect in an alleged assault on a conservative activist that took place on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.

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