Poll: Majority of Republicans Support Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Latest Plan

Joshua Roberts/Reuters, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Usually polarizing figures, a new policy proposal from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to cap credit card interest rates has high appeal for both Democrat and Republican voters, according to a new Insider poll.

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez teamed up last week and announced a plan that would limit all credit card interest rates at 15 percent.

“We are introducing legislation to challenge the greed of Wall Street and protect consumers across America,” Sanders tweeted at the time. Ocasio-Cortez called the plan “common sense.” Voters seemed to agree.

The support from voters of both parties is practically even, According to the poll results released Wednesday, 70 percent of Republican primary voters and 73 percent of Democratic primary voters support the plan.

“Oh, what’s that? All these spooky ‘socialist’ proposals are winning over vast majorities of GOP voters because they are common-sense, humane policies?” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Wednesday. “Ya don’t say.”

The poll also found that only 13 percent of Republican primary voters were opposed to the idea along with 7 percent of Democratic primary voters.

The poll creates a challenge for Republican lawmakers in the Senate who have shot down policy proposals passed by House Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) promised that no progressive policies would go through his chamber if Republicans remain in control after the 2020 election.

“If I’m still the majority leader in the Senate, think of me as the Grim Reaper,” McConnell said last month. “None of that stuff is going to pass.”

Even if Republicans keep control of the Senate, they could lose support from the highest office in the nation. Sanders is a top contender for the Democratic nomination for president, and his popular ideas are helping him in the race for the White House.

“This is what electability looks like,” a Sanders campaign spokesperson tweeted in response to Wednesday’s poll.

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Let me show ALL of you how simple this is. I support a cap of credit card interest rates at 15%. SIMPLE. I don’t give a crap about WHO proposes it. If banks, who get to borrow at 1-3% can’t live with 15% on their cards, they need to hire BETTER leaders or just plain fold up. AND, no, I don’t agree with rhetoric coming from AOCBS (that’s aoc and bernie put together) about one good idea.


Yes decisions are not made on what is good for people or society, but instead is it being proposed by someone who may be a socialist, capitalist, muslim, christian, republican, democrat, Israeli, …. Madness. Sign of a society in decay.

General Confusion

“70 percent of Republican primary voters and 73 percent of Democratic primary voters support the plan” article

So let me understand this.

If 70% or more of us DON’T want to get ripped off with usury rates, does that mean that the remainder of us DO? How is this possible?

I am confused.


I’m always curious about polling. While I might agree with the premise of the proposed legislation, I’ve got questions. Who did the polling? What was the sample breakdown for the poll? What was the question or questions asked?

Yes, I’m curious about polling as in my 48 years as a voter, I’ve yet to be called and polled about anything.

Phyllis Softa

Majority of Americans want to trade crazy for crazy? I have had it with the insanity. I want a candidate with a plan to make America SANE again! As far as McConnell goes, believe him. 90% of Americans support universal background checks & House passed universal background check bill sits on his desk. Agreeing with capping credit card interest, is not free college, Medicare for all, or $15 federal minimum wage. I have credit cards & avoid the interest rate paying balance in full.





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