Multiple Polls Show Majority of Americans Blame Trump for the Record-Breaking Shutdown

Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are trying to turn the blame for the longest government shutdown in United States history on their Democratic colleagues, but Americans aren’t buying it.

Multiple major polls show that Americans largely put the responsibility of the shutdown on Trump and the Republicans in Congress. The polls also revealed that the majority of Americans oppose building the border wall.

Washington Post/ABC News poll published Sunday found 53 percent of respondents blamed Trump and the Republicans for the shutdown while 29 percent blamed Democrats. Thirteen percent blamed both sides equally. The amount of respondents that blamed Trump for the shutdown closely aligns with the views on the wall: 54 percent opposed building a wall, 42 percent supported it.

A poll conducted by CNN/SSRS found the biggest blame on Trump: 55 percent blame the president, 32 percent blame Democrats, and nine percent blame both. Overall, 56 percent opposed a wall and 39 percent are in favor of it.

A CBS/YouGov poll published Friday discovered more even results with 47 percent of respondents blaming Trump for the shutdown, 30 percent blaming Democrats, and a high 20 percent blaming everyone equally

When the shutdown originally began, the president admitted he would take full responsibility for it. In a televised meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Trump said: “I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not gonna blame you for it.”

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The president quickly flipped on that view, tweeting days later that the “Democrats now own the shutdown.”

Nevertheless, Trump has maintained that he is “proud” to keep the government shutdown in the hopes of getting funding for his border wall.

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But most Americans aren’t sharing that pride, whether or not they put the blame on Trump, Republicans, Democrats or both. An NPR/Ipsos poll published Friday revealed that 74 percent of respondents thought the government shutdown is embarrassing for the country.

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Madison Dibble

I guess he did say he would take credit. I’m not sure he still wants it, though.





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