Pompeo Rejects Trump Impeachment Report as ‘All Wrong’

 U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday rejected a report laying out the Democratic case for President Donald Trump’s impeachment as “just all wrong”.

A 300-page report released by Democrats leading the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee earlier this week leveled allegations of sweeping abuse of power by Trump. It also suggested that Pompeo was among senior officials who either knew about or were involved in an effort to gain political benefits from a foreign power.

The Republican president has denied any wrongdoing, calling the inquiry a hoax.

The report noted that many of Trump’s “closest subordinates and advisors,” including Pompeo aided Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine and withheld information from Congress.

(Reporting by Victoria Waldersee and Jose Elías Rodríguez, Writing by Ashifa Kassam; editing by James Mackenzie)


  1. We know the dems are liars. I don’t think they realize the rising anger they are creating in this country. They think everyone is with them. They are mistaken.

    1. LOL…What is the basis for your conclusion “We know the dems are liars.”? and WHO is “we”? Are they the voters who believed Mexico was going to pay for the wall? Believed Obama’s birth certificate and economic #’s were “phony”? Believed Trump had a healthcare plan to replace Obamacare? Believed tax cuts could pay for themselves? Believed a man with a 40 yr history of corrupt business practices was suddenly going to become a law abiding POTUS? Believed coal was going to be “king again”? They were mistaken—but when you are in a hole, stop digging yourself deeper.

      1. Phyllis; It sounds like you’re getting frustrated that the losing side – DemocRATs – are shooting themselves in the head over their witch hunt. Maybe they have finally concluded they really stepped into some deep doo doo this time; but lack the intelligence to back off. PATHETIC Party!! Shut it down.

  2. I think,No I know the bloody Demonrats have finally crossed over the line straight into INSANITY. Can’t wait for this to destroy the entire DNC.

  3. Everyone needs to call their State representatives, even the ones that do not represent your congressional district.

  4. Anyone that can’t see thru this hoax needs someone to help tie their shoes. Democrats banking heavily on the belief at least 50% of Americans are dumb as a rock. Don’t be that person

  5. This hoax is what HATE looks like as it was developed and patented by the DemocRATs after their sickly, foul mouthed, unfit and Alinsky radicalized “Queen” lost a POTUS election for the third time. Past time she crawl back into her hole and stay out of the public’s face.

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