Pompeo Voices Support for New Venezuelan Leadership After Maduro’s ‘Armed Gangs’ Attacked Those Seeking Aid

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is speaking out after the people of Venezuela were brutally mistreated on President Nicolás Maduro’s orders while trying to retrieve humanitarian aid.

Many American leaders have spoken out against Maduro’s regime and have called for new leadership in Venezuela. Pompeo is the most recent official to speak out in support of interim President Juan Guaidó.

“Now is the time to act in support of the needs of the desperate Venezuelan people. We stand in solidarity with those continuing their struggle for freedom,” tweeted Pompeo.

Pompeo also revealed the United States is considering action against the current leadership.

“The U.S. will take action against those who oppose the peaceful restoration of democracy in [Venezuela],” tweeted Pompeo.

According to a report by BBC, Maduro slammed President Donald Trump and the U.S. attempts to send aid.

“Take your hands off Venezuela, Donald Trump,” said Maduro.

He also called Guaidó a “puppet,” “American pawn,” a “clown” and an “imperialist beggar.”


During the attempt to retrieve the aid on Saturday, a truck was set of fire and tear gas was fired into the crowd by the Venezuelan military. Guaidó took to Twitter to ask for help in regaining freedom for the people of Venezuela.

“Today’s events force me to make a decision: to formally propose to the international community that we must have all options open to achieve the freedom of our country,” Guaidó said.

Two people were killed and over 300 were injured during the border crossings on Saturday. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to meet with Guaidó on Monday to discuss the current situation.


  1. Bolton just said that the US wants to protect US commercial interests and to get economic control of their oil.

    Told you. We are trying to overthrow Maduro because of their oil!

    1. So you’re implying that it’s not okay for the US to protect it’s business interests? Just let them be nationalized to feed a dictator’s bank account is alright by you?

      If we DID seize their oil (highly unlikely) why didn’t we do so with Kuwait or Iraq? Those were before fracking. On the other hand, it could be seen as due compensation for using our resources. IF it happens.

      1. No, I keep on saying that it is not OK to invade Venezuela to get access and control of their oil. It is also against the OAS Charter, of which we are also a signatory country.

        This will not be the first time that we tried to overthrow their government, either. Trump promised during his campaign that he would not be interventionist, but here we are.

        1. Even if they (the people) invite us to oversee elections? The people are already asking for international intervention, though it might be better if it were enforced by its neighbors. Colombia is twitching after Maduro burned aid supplies, violated their border pursuing refugees, and unilaterally closed the border bridge (temporarily).

          1. Here’s the problem. If Colombia and other countries intervene, will they leave? They have regional and financial interests in taking Venezuela, e.g. oil.

            Intervention is needed, if just to have fair elections and to force Maduro to leave if he loses. They might also need to protect the people if Maduro wins again.

            Where’s the UN in this mess? Oh yes. Hating on Israel and the US.

          2. We should be trying to assist them to get new elections (they AREN’T asking), but Trump, the CIA, and the right-wing groups and the oligarchs don’t want that. You don’t get that they want control NOW! They all want to finish what we/they’ve started.

  2. This is the set-up for the US to intervene in Venezuela with force.

    Vilify the “enemy” to raise disgust in America justifying invading them.

    “Pompeo also revealed the United States is considering action against the current leadership.”

    Told you so.

    1. Was a “set-up” by Maduro to show the World (& Bernie and AOC) how absolutely “great” Socialism works. People starving, eating dogs, cats and rats, leaving their homeland in droves, no jobs, no money, no freedoms – doesn’t look that “great” from where I sit.

      Should be an eye-opener for every American as to what is in store here IF the low-IQ, low-information, “gimme more free stuff” voter prevails in 2020. Socialism is a dying ideology like its’ predecessors – Communism and Nazism.

      1. Venezuela has very little socialism compared to some other countries, such as in Scandinavia or even France. Every country has a mixed economy, even the US.

        Hardship placed on them by the US sanctions makes it much more difficult to recover or do every-day, normal things. We, for example, get about 18M barrels of their oil per month, but we don’t pay them for it. Because that’s what we do.

        US gov’t data linked below:

          1. Leave it to you, rocky. You post a chart that says the United States is importing LESS oil from Venezuela in 2018 than in ANY OTHER year in your chart. That makes Venezuela’s oil SO IMPORTANT, HOW?

          2. Page #1- prog/lib/left playbook. When you get stuck, hurl an insult. WELL PLAYED rock.

          3. If you don’t think Venezuelan oil is not a significant part of Trump wanting to overthrow Maduro through Guaido, then you are a fool.

          4. Better private message philly so she can come to your rescue with an insult herself.

          5. “If you don’t think Venezuelan oil is not a significant part of Trump wanting to overthrow Maduro through Guaido,” Funny thing, I don’t recall even commenting on that thought. I just commented on the FACT that you posted a chart that goes against the point you are trying to make. Then I get called a “fool” by the one who posted the chart that goes against the point he’s trying to make

        1. Even though Scandinavian countries have a free market system(not found in socialism, or Venezuela) AND the FACT that EVERY leader of a Scandinavian country will tell you to your face, rockhead, and are trying to tell the WORLD by distancing themselves from “the bern” and his associating them with socialism that their countries are NOT socialist countries you are STILL gonna say,”Venezuela has very little socialism compared to some other countries, such as in Scandinavia”. REALLY????

        2. Neither Sweden, nor Denmark, Finland, or Norway are socialist. Nor is France.

          Please explain how a socialist country is less socialist than countries that are not.

          1. …and they absolutely disagree with your assessment.

            So, countries are exactly what you say they are, regardless of their own words and fact? Wow. You are a solipsist or delusional. Both really.

          2. What is it about their free market systems that you don’t understand? What is it about the fact that free market systems DO NOT exist under socialism that you don’t understand? What is it about the fact that just because the bern calls them socialist, doesn’t make them socialist you do not understand?

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