POTUS Delivers a Rebuke to Pelosi’s Reported ‘Nasty’ Remark About Wanting to See Him ‘in Prison’

President Donald Trump is swiping back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after she reportedly said she wants to see him “in prison” rather than impeached.

Pelosi’s remark comes at a time that her Democratic colleagues are pushing for the impeachment of the president following the end of the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

As IJR Red reported, House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) sought approval from Pelosi as he looked to initiate impeachment proceedings. However, Pelosi reportedly told her fellow Democrats, “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.”

Trump responded to Pelosi’s comment during a Fox News exclusive interview while in Normandy during D-Day’s 75th anniversary, saying he doesn’t think Pelosi’s a “talented person.”

“I’ve tried to be nice to her because I would’ve liked to have gotten some deals done,” he continued in his scathing rebuke. “She’s incapable of doing deals.”

“She’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person,” Trump added.

Watch the interview below:

Additionally, Trump lashed out on Friday in a tweet about the House speaker, claiming she’s a “disgrace to herself and her family” for the “disgusting” comment.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) also blasted the House speaker’s comment, drawing the comparison that “Dems want to see our President in prison, yet voted on Tuesday to give amnesty to gang members, drunk drivers, & firearm offenders.” He is referring to the immigration bill, H.R.6, passed in the House this week that is “pure amnesty” to illegal immigrants, as Crenshaw previously spoke on.

“The issues prioritized by the House Majority are intentionally divisive, meant only to signal that their new direction is sufficiently extreme,” he added.

While Nadler and other House Democrats’ push for impeachment proceedings to begin, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) previously called it a “little premature,” adding, “It’s getting the cart ahead of the horse. You got to get the information, you got to do a study, you got to release a law report, you got to get the underlying documents,” as IJR Red reported.

Aside from impeachment, Pelosi has faced criticism from her Republican colleagues over her lack of legislation to address different issues since taking on her role as speaker of the House and Democrats regaining control of the House, as IJR Red previously reported.


  1. I think President Trump’s description of Nancy Pelosi is 100% right. She is a drunken disgrace to our country!!!! The Democrats haven’t handled business since Donald Trump was elected. They have been engulfed with trying to get our President out of the White House. Nancy Pelosi along with her left wing buddies are the ones who should be impeached and kicked out of Congress and without a pension. Only then perhaps we could get down to the business of MAKING OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN!!

  2. Nutty Nacy should be the first woman to land on the Moon and remain there.

  3. Good for her colleagues. I wish more of them would speak out against her. She hasn’t done anything of wort for the people she serves. None of them have. They just want to get rid of the best president we’ve ever had because he’s going to get to the bottom of the deep state and hopefully the top of that criminal organization

  4. We the people want to see the Clintons in jail!

  5. Ms Pelosi is a fruit loop~ for her years of time involvement , she has learned NOTHING about working together to ACCOMPLISH good for country. She is the most unqualified to do that as she is so hate filled. She apparemtly believes ( wrongly)tht being a #1 thorn is the way to go.


    1. You Rob, are right. Pelosi is the biggest disgrace of all our politicians.

  7. I think the Speaker is lashing out at the president for two reasons …one, the video of her going off-the-wall was an embarrassment to her, and (2) she is trying to sound and act tough in the face of mounting impeachment voices in her party. Ms. Pelosi has been in politics far to long to not realize this will basically insure Mr. Trump’s re-election and a sound defeat when presented. She has the upstarts in her face demanding impeachment and the old geezers trying to look relevant and appalled at the imaginary crimes outed in the fake Mueller report. She is walking a tight-rope and the stress is showing.

  8. Trump lashed out on Friday in a tweet about the House speaker, claiming she’s a “disgrace to herself and her family” for the “disgusting” comment. Article

    Says the “man” who nailed women up agaisnt a wall and groped them. Says the “man” who groped a woman ON AN AIRPLANE FFS! Says the “man” who carried on with other women after he was married. Says the “man” who tried to set up a husband while his wife listened on a phone extension just so that he could screw the wife. Says the “man” who refused renting his apartments to people of color BECAUSE OF their skin color. Says the “man” who wanted to murder 5 innocents unjustly accused of a crime. Says the “man” who wouldn’t even donate the money he raised for veterans. Says the “man” who ripped us off for millions in unpaid taxes. Says the “man” who has made over 10,000 distinct lies since he got into the Oval Office.

    King Donald The Loser is confused about what it takes to BE a man.

    1. So it seems that there are even more members at IJR who admit that they don’t know what it takes to be a “man”.


    2. You are one very sick evil person. Also no american

      1. You think I am sick and evil? I am not the one who did these things. Our president did them! Maybe you even voted for him.

        You are one very confused person, Dolores.

        1. wow delusion generally confused one!!! Stay away from the kool aid and the MSM

        2. Your moniker says it all – Generally Confused – not to mention nasty & hateful. Attitudes like yours will never move our country forward towards a better economy or a thriving existence. Showing nothing of any substance that might be helpful to us all, you present the picture of a guy plopping on the couch, beer in hand, wearing a wife-beater t-shirt. Sadly, it appears you only know how to complain in a most low-brow way. Sad day for your family if they’re living with you & your nastiness. Of course, if they’re like you, no problem. You can all just sit back and swarm around in a sea of nasty hate together. Not to mention, you just might break your ‘string’ spewing all that hate, bro. How’s your blood pressure, dude?…or are you really just a beta dudette, hiding behind a cartoon character, having no guts to be truly present & offering nothing? That’s what it appears to be…

          1. Thanks for the personal attack with NO counter-evidence to dispute ANYTHING that King Donald The Loser had done (that was an abridged edition, too). Way to go, Barbara! You da man!

            If Barbara is NOT aware of the King’s crimes and indiscretions, then she must have been hiding under a rock for the past three years alone.

      1. And I guess you only get your news from something like Fake Fox News, or worse.

    3. Bwahahahahahahaha!! You are truly unhinged and deserving of your screen name (what idiot would be proud of your moniker?) You are the best example of Trump Derangement Syndrome today! Enjoy stewing in your hatred.

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