POTUS Puts His Foot Down in Government Shutdown Fight Over Border Wall Funding: ‘We Have No Choice’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Before addressing the passage of the farm bill on Thursday, President Donald Trump doubled down on his intent to let the federal government shut down if Congress does not including funding for the border wall in its short-term spending bill.

“A nation without borders is a nation not at all,” he said, adding that without walls, we let in “the reign of chaos, crime, cartels and believe it or not, coyotes.”

Then the president made his stance extremely clear:

“I have made my position very clear. Any measure that funds the government must include border security. Has to. Not for political purposes but for our country, for the safety of our community. This is not merely my campaign promise, this is the promise every lawmaker made. It is the solemn promise to protect and defend the United States of America, and it is our sacred obligation. We have no choice.”

Trump then lashed out at lawmakers for failing to fund the wall, hammering Democrats for continuing to “oppose border security no matter how many innocent people get hurt or die.”

Then he really drove his point home:

“Our nation has spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of brave, young lives defending the borders of foreign nations. I am asking Congress to defend the border of our nation for a tiny fraction, tiny fraction of the cost. Essential to border security is a powerful physical barrier. Walls work, whether we like it or not. They work better than anything.”

Watch his remarks below:

The president’s words come as Congress attempted to push through another spending bill to keep the federal government open until February 2019. Along with the president, several Republican lawmakers criticized their colleagues over the bill, calling the lack of funding for the border wall a “Christmas present” and a “Valentine’s Day gift” for the Democrats.

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Ann Marie Quackenbush

Shut down the borders. I hire people on welfare. They quit a week later to go back on welfare.


Hmm. In the vernacular, the power of veto is a big FU to the Congress critters. Good.


Shut down the border AND the government.

The whole investigation, #resistance, etc. is about power. Sore losers can’t stand their own loss of power. That includes the “deep state” of imbedded corruptocrats.
Guess what being the president is all about?

He should also pardon any and all those (except Cohen) prosecuted by Mueller. Show him how little his efforts actually mean. At least they’re not drug dealers, terrorists, and felons (q.v. Obozo) or rich donors (q.v. Clinton. Bribery?)

Paul J. Gorzkowski

Putting that wall up will do America A LOT of good! Save America money, keep the crime rate and the drug rates down. And we can finally get rid of the stench of illegals in our country! I just wish they would build that wall to separate California from the rest of the country as well.. Keep that digustingness in that state and let them stew in their own filthy juices as well.Give California to the Mexican government and use the wall to separate them from the USA!


Trump has no clue how to govern, and his capricious actions must be motivated by insecurity made worse by incompetence.

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