Trump to ‘Promote Opportunity’ for the ‘Heart and Soul’ of America on Labor Day

In celebrating Labor Day on Monday, President Donald Trump is recognizing the “American workers,” who are “the heart and soul of our Nation’s economic resurgence.”

Noting that he’s been fighting “for an agenda that puts American workers first,” the president pointed out that millions of jobs were added, the unemployment rate reached near record lows, and wages were increased for many Americans.

Trump also showcases his accomplishments under his “Promises Kept” section on his 2020 reelection campaign website.

“Today, we honor those Americans whose contributions have turned our country into an economic powerhouse, and we renew our commitment to create an environment that continues to foster and promote opportunity,” the president wrote in a presidential proclamation.

Vice President Mike Pence is also celebrated the record numbers under the Trump administration on Labor Day.

“Under the leadership of President [Donald Trump], American workers are reaping the rewards of a thriving economy and winning again!” he tweeted.

Along with the president and vice president, Republican lawmakers joined in to wish the American people “a great Labor Day” and recognize their “incredible work ethic.”

Check out the posts below:

Democratic lawmakers also offered a Labor Day message:

Additionally, presidential advisor Ivanka Trump made note of “the great American worker of past and present,” tweeting, “Thank you for your endless contributions to our country!”


  1. This guy just isn’t up to being President. I remember Pres. Bush quitting playing golf while we were fighting a war after 9/11 because he didn’t want to be seen playing golf while we were dying in battle. That’s how a president shows solidarity with the people in need. It shows us that he is with us, he is one of us.

    I am confused. What is King Donald The Loser showing us? That he is self-centered and apart from us, isolated on one of his private royal forests.

  2. Genital,

    Jealousy is a petty emotion and a key component of socialism.

    If you were fair, you’d consider how Bernie is NOT working hard at one of his three houses.
    Lizzie is not working on new recipes for “Powwow Chow”.
    Joe is possibly working his 10-step program, “Gropers Anonymous”.
    Beta is planning his next video, “My Colonoscopy”, to find out where all that dirt went.

    With the exceptions of Beta, Andy, Amy, and Julio not a single one is working the job they were elected to do.

    1. Only the blind or ignorant won’t be able to see what good Trump has done for the American workers and their families.

      Then again, there are some Socialists who discharge excrement (we usually call BS) from the upper end of their alimentary canal. Sad; but so often true.

  3. King Donald The Loser worked so hard on Labor Day that he got confused and went cheating at golf on another of his branded golf courses.

  4. Some people ‘labor’ more on Labor Day than they do any day with the exception of the Xmas holidays.
    I am a capitalist. I want people to be successful under our great economic system. Get that overtime and per diem! I’ve done it.
    To all the Commies and Socialists out there, kiss my ass.

    1. I’m guessing you won’t be one of “them” who EXPECT everyone else to pay for all the freebies you’d get IF you vote for the anti-American Socialists/Communists/Marxists “candidate” .

      (Nor will I be one of “them”. I worked for what I have and kissed no one’s behind to get it.)

      Oh I forgot. EVERYTHING will be “F R E E” under the Socialist/Commie plan to destroy America and the World’s economy. Maybe the US will become either a Socialist “utopia”or a Third World Sh**hole. Aren’t the two IDENTICAL?

  5. Defining the contrast of 2020 could not be easier. The leader of our country is working to provide opportunities.

    The other party with ten-odd (and I do mean ODD) candidates offering to make everyday Christmas. Run away if they promise methane-free ponies and dairy-free ice cream for dinner.

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