President Trump Outpaces Obama in Manufacturing Job Growth — And It’s Not Even Close

Andrew Harrer/ Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Remember when former President Barack Obama said President Donald Trump would need a “magic wand” to bring back manufacturing jobs? It looks like Trump found that wand.

President Trump has been delivering on a key promise of his “Make America Great Again” presidential campaign. Throughout 2016, he claimed he would be able to help revitalized jobs in manufacturing and encourage American companies with foreign investments to return to the U.S.

According to Forbes, the December jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics detailed the growth of manufacturing jobs under President Trump.

Manufacturing jobs grew more than seven times faster under Trump than they did under Obama.

In total, 312,000 non-farm manufacturing jobs were added to the U.S. economy. The report showed that jobs manufacturing job growth skyrocketed 714 percent faster under Trump.

Another key detail from the report highlights the difference between the Trump administration and the Obama administration.

Under Obama, government jobs for state and federal employers grew at a rate six times that of manufacturing jobs. Under Trump, nearly the opposite is true. New manufacturing jobs outpaced new government jobs by five times.

With these stellar manufacturing job numbers, it’s hard not to take a look down memory lane at President Obama’s outlook on manufacturing jobs. During the 2016 campaign, he mocked Trump and said he would need a “magic wand” to get manufacturing jobs to return.

Watch Obama’s speech:

“What we have to do is make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now because some of those jobs are just not going to come back. And when somebody says, [like Trump], that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

It looks like President Trump did have an answer. Between trade negotiations with China, Mexico, Canada, and others and a tax reform that lowered the corporate tax rates, it looks like he found an answer for Obama.

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The WSJ, in its review and outlook, summarized the jobs report. The facts alone should be hugely gratifying to all of America. To point out the disparity of these results vs Barry’s, now that’s a little small, as the take-away, even unsaid, is Barry was a lame and megalomaniacal community organizer who would be king. Since he never had a paycheck that wasn’t governmental or quasi governmental, what would he know of jobs? Who got all those DC govt. jobs, 7 times those in the Mfg. sector, btw?


“That was easy.” or “No shit Sherlock.” would be appropriate here.

One wants the US to be stronger and better. One wanted to bring the country down and acted it out by bowing, scraping, and asking for “flexibility”.

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