President Trump Stands United With Israel Against ‘Growing Threat’: Iran Must Never Possess Nuclear Weapon

President Trump delivered a statement at a joint press conference with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Monday afternoon.

Trump delivered strong remarks backing Israel against Iranian aggression.

“We have common cause with you on the threat posed by Iran,” Trump said, adding, “And it is indeed a threat, there is no question about that.”

The president outlined his goals for U.S.-Israeli relations, including mutually beneficial trade.

“I’m going to try to narrow that trade deficit just a little bit, is that okay?” Trump joked at one point.

President Trump was somber in his demeanor, deviating only slightly from scripted remarks to make casual asides. It was a more composed side of Trump that the American domestic audience might not be used to seeing.

“We can achieve all of our goals, together,” Trump said at the conclusion to punctuate his remarks.

On Monday evening, the U.S. president is scheduled to visit the Western Wall and meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for dinner at his residence.

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