President’s 5-Year-Old Tweet Might Be the Real Reason Chelsea Handler Mercilessly Trashes Trump

Chelsea Handler used to be primarily known as a comedian.

Now the comedian-turned-political pundit is mostly known for trashing all things President Donald Trump.

From regularly trashing Trump, to mocking his family — including 11-year-old son Barron — to ridiculing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s appearance, nothing appears out of bounds for Handler.

Handler even took a shot at Trump over California’s raging wildfires.

Strong political differences aside, why the personal animosity?

A five-year-old tweet from Trump to Handler might have been the catalyst for Handler’s seeming rage against Trump:


We’ll never know the backstory to the tweet, but why would Trump have sent the tweet if calls weren’t made to try to book him on Handler’s show?

The other question is, will the revelation of the tweet unleash yet another tirade from Handler?

Stay tuned.

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