‘We Build The Wall’ Leader Accuses Official of Overreach for Ordering Gate to Be Kept Open Indefinitely

Brian Kolfage/Facebook; Mario Tama/Getty Images

We Build The Wall leader Brian Kolfage claimed that the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) is abusing their power after they ordered his organization to keep the border wall gate open.

According to IBWC spokesperson Lori Kuczmanski in a report to Buzzfeed News, the organization had not obtained the permission to build on parts of the land.

“This is normally done well in advance of a construction project,” said Kuczmanski. “They think they can build now and ask questions later, and that’s not how it works.”

The spokesperson revealed that the wall’s gate would be kept open until a decision could be made.

“We’re going to lock it in an open position until we come into a mutual decision on how this gate is going to operate,” Kuczmanski said. “This is policy and procedure, and you don’t just come into our property and build first. We’re treating them the same we treat anybody else.”

However, organization founder Kolfage claimed that the commissioner was responsible for overreach and was purposefully interfering with the wall’s completion.

“The IBWC commissioner Jayne Harkins has a bad habit of leaving gates open on our border,” tweeted Kolfage. “Last week she left open this gate! largest invasion on record 1000 crossed at once! she just locked our gate wide open for illegals to invade America!”

“The IBWC is a fine example of over reach [sic] and growing to [sic] big,” Kolfage said. “They are overstepping DHS, national security experts and undermining [Donald Trump] as soon as they locked our gate open we noticed many other gates around el Paso just opened up!! They are planning for mass invasion.”

As IJR Red reported, the wall was almost finished with construction by Memorial Day but ran into issues with local officials who claimed that they did not submit the correct paperwork. Now the IBWC officials are also getting involved, and it is uncertain how long the gate will be kept open.

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William Conley

Since when does some local pissant commission overrule the DHS and if they didn’t file the correct paperwork then wouldn’t they have stopped construction the moment they broke ground not after they had damn near finished the wall? Also what in the hell is the point of locking the gate open do they need to travel back and forth to Mexico not using the legal ports of entry often? This shit raises so many red flags I’m shocked the president hasn’t commented on it or someone in DHS.


The she needs to be fired.


Who the H*** is IBWC and how does some “international commission” override DHS and US security/policy?





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