Pro-2A Dating Site Takes Aim at David Hogg With Catchy Tag Line

The new dating site offers pro-gun singles a place to meet online and tells them “Don’t date a Hogg, date a real American!”

The tagline was a clear dig at Parkland survivor David Hogg, who fiercely pushed for gun control after the shooting at his high school in February.

Laura Clark, the site’s CEO, told Independent Journal Review that Hogg offered a common, recognizable figure that none of her users wanted to be associated with.


“David Hogg is the embodiment of the new, ‘hip-and-trendy’ anti-gun movement — and the entire premise is based on a lack of common sense, basic facts, and historical knowledge,” Clark told IJR. 

She added that “Hogg is just a teenager with no knowledge of how firearms work — let alone the laws governing them.”

At the end of March, Hogg and his schoolmates organized a rally to protest against political inaction in response to gun violence. They called for an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and a ban on high-capacity magazines.

“Our reaction is that we’re not going to let a street full of Tide Pod-eating teenagers have any effect whatsoever on our right to bear arms,” Clark said when asked about Parkland survivors’ activism.

There was one Parkland survivor, however, that she thought should get more media attention.

Kyle Kashuv, Hogg’s conservative schoolmate, wasn’t getting enough media attention, Clark said:

“The real tragedy is how the mainstream media has all but ignored Kyle Kashuv — the one Parkland survivor who understands and supports the Second Amendment. Since his viewpoint doesn’t match their narrative, they’ve effectively blacklisted him from getting any attention.”

She said that since starting the site, she’s seen “singles signing up in droves and married folks sending the site to their unmarried friends!”

When asked why she created the site, Clark said her motive was “female empowerment”:

“Female empowerment was why I started the site. A woman’s best friend is a gun, and I want women to be paired with men who hold dear the responsibility and security that comes with owning a firearm.”

Those comments echoed what firearms instructor Marchelle “Tig” Tigner-Washington said about guns. As IJR previously reported, she said that after women took her class, they no longer felt like victims.

“‘I feel like a survivor,'” she recalled the women saying.

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