Pro-2A Student Compares His Movement to Anti-Gun Walkout: We’re Actually ‘Grassroots’

Will Riley, a high school student who participated in a Stand for the Second walkout, appeared on Fox News on Saturday and highlighted the difference between his movement and liberal students’ walkouts.

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Fox News host Neil Cavuto noted how the media highlighted that liberal walkouts outnumbered pro-Second Amendment ones. 

Watch Riley’s interview below:

In response, Riley said that his movement prided itself on “actually being an organic and grassroots movement”:

“I think if you look at our backers, we have the Tea Party Patriots helped us as far as tech infrastructure and sending out six T-shirts to each of our student organizers. But other than that, we didn’t have a lot of outside help. This is student-led and student-driven, whereas if you look at the ‘Enough’ walkouts, they have got a list of donors that will take you a few minutes to read.”

Riley also noted how conservative students faced viewpoint discrimination from schoolteachers, limiting their ability to participate with the same numbers as liberal students:

“I would say another factor that went into the smaller turnout is the fact that we have had viewpoint discrimination in schools across the country, where schools that may have totally encouraged students to participate in the anti-gun walkout actively attempted to discourage this walkout.”

When asked about his position on the anti-gun walkouts, Riley clarified that he focused on the right to bear arms.

“It’s not about me getting to keep my guns,” Riley told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. “It’s about people’s rights.”

He added that because the Second Amendment was a “right,” liberals couldn’t remove it by merely repealing the Second Amendment.

“You know, people forget that the right to bear arms is just that, it’s a right,” he said. “It can’t be taken away by repealing the Second Amendment. You can only violate a right, you can’t take it away.”

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