Pro-Choice Org Says Men Should Support Women’s Ability to Have Abortions — These Pro-Lifers Have Stinging Responses

On Monday, some celebrated #InternationalMen’sDay, but in dramatically different ways.

NARAL, one of the leading pro-choice organizations in the country, argued that men’s role in society entailed stepping back so that women could decide whether they wanted to have abortions.

“Happy ! don’t pretend to know what’s best for women and their private healthcare decisions—and that’s why we love them,” the group said.

It added, “Reproductive freedom is critical for people of all genders.” Meanwhile, the pro-life group LiveAction expressed the opposite view. “Men have a right to defend children in the womb,” the group tweeted.

It also tweeted a video from NFL player Benjamin Watson who called on men to speak up for preborn babies.

“Men, we can be silent no more,” he said. Lila Rose, who heads LiveAction, went further, arguing that abortion allowed men to take advantage of women.

“The pro-abortion narrative tells men that they should support a woman’s so-called ‘right to abortion’ but in reality, it allows a man to abandon a woman in her pregnancy and run from his role and responsibility in pregnancy and parenting,” Rose said in a statement to IJR.

“Men should be encouraged to support the children they help create, instead of abandoning women and killing their children,” she added.

“We as a society should encourage men, every day and especially on #InternationalMensDay, to realize and live out the important roles they play as fathers and husbands in a society that is longing for their love.”

Bradley Mattes, President of the Life Issues Institute at the Susan B. Anthony List, tore into NARAL which, he suggested, diminished the role men played in their family’s lives.

“NARAL is an extreme abortion advocacy group that believes men have little to no role in the lives of women or their children,” he said.

Men play an essential role in the creation of human life in the aftermath of abortion, men often hurt too and grieve their loss. Studies have shown men are essential to the well-being of children’s lives.”

Those comments came amid a broader debate surrounding men and, in particular, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh making decisions about abortion. 

Kavanaugh, as IJR previously reported, could rule on a long list of laws surrounding abortion and ultimately grant states the ability to further restrict access.

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Shush up Ben Watson. we got us a good deal, don’t mess wid it

Matthew Jacobs

“NARAL, one of the leading pro-choice organizations in the country, argued that men’s role in society entailed stepping back so that women could decide whether they wanted to have abortions.”
Well…It certainly is in Men best Interests…it beats having a kid with a woman you don’t particularly like


Both arguments are stupid. Its a reactive argument that literally helps no one.

Why are people having sex with someone if you are not on the same page with what happens if the woman gets pregnant. If you didn’t even talk about that, then the likelihood of actually talking through how you’re going to prevent pregnancy wasn’t done either. That two step process above is where men can step up. That would be the best way to stop abortions.

Be responsible BEFORE there is an unplanned pregnancy.


Isn’t insisting that someone support something, no matter their personal beliefs, the opposite of “pro-choice”?

Madison Summers

Interesting read about NARAL’s position on men and their role in abortion. As well as, vise versa the opposing view. Recently, the new president of Planned Parenthood admitted that there is a “very real likelihood” for Roe v. Wade to be overturned (

Michelle Wolf

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