Pro-Life Leaders ‘Very’ Optimistic About Their Cause Under Trump’s Administration

While thousands gathered for the March for Life on Friday, pro-life leaders conveyed their hope for the movement under Donald Trump’s presidency.

“We have the most pro-life administration right now that we’ve ever had, probably in recent memory,” Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden told IJR on Friday.

“It’s so encouraging to have a president in the White House who’s ready to listen to us, who’s willing to listen to us,” he added.

Daleiden and others — like Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None — said they were “very optimistic” about Trump’s pro-life agenda.

Daleiden’s organization released controversial videos showing Planned Parenthood employees appearing to crudely discuss abortion and offer to sell fetal body parts. Those videos prompted a public outcry, congressional investigations and a probe into the nation’s largest abortion provider by Trump’s Justice Department.

“It’s so encouraging to have a Department of Justice that just wants to follow the law and do their job instead of making special deals for the abortion industry and giving special treatment to Planned Parenthood and not holding them to the same standard as everybody else,” Daleiden added.

Daleiden, Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Young Nance and Live Action founder Lila Rose all conveyed confidence after Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, one of the key achievements his administration has continually touted since last year.

“This president has done everything he could possibly to do to fulfill his promises to the pro-life community,” Nance said. “He’s appointed of course Neil Gorsuch, but also a dozen judges for the lower circuits, the lower court of appeals.”

Rose also highlighted how Trump reversed the Mexico City policy, which allowed the United States to fund organizations that promoted abortion overseas.

Their comments came a day after Trump’s Health and Human Services Department announced a new civil rights division for protecting medical providers’ religious liberties. The new division will likely provide another line of defense for religious doctors who don’t want to perform abortions.

Johnson said that while she was glad the Trump administration was pro-life, she wanted to ensure the pro-life movement opened itself to everyone and not just Republicans.

She said the movement should “have a really clear understanding that’s out there that anybody is welcome into this movement.” Johnson added that “we can come together and stand for the sanctity and dignity of human life.”

“I think that’s really beautiful and we need to do everything we can to really open up the tent to multiple to various groups,” she said.

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