Pro-Trump Social Media Platform Is Challenging Censorship of Conservatives — And Already Has 50,000 Users

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A pro-Trump social media platform is raising money to challenge Facebook by offering an alternative.

Over the past week and a half, has raised almost $12,000 seeks a goal of $200,000. The social media site started in November shortly after Facebook censored founder Addison Riddleberger’s pages on their platform.

Right-leaning individuals, including President Donald Trump himself, have decried how social media giants censored their opinions.

Other sites like DonaldDaters, Gab, and have also surfaced as conservative alternatives to traditional online platforms. During an interview with IJR, Riddleberger said his group has already attracted more than 50,000 members despite not doing much promotion.

“Folks, what you’ve managed to do so far for this movement is incredible,” the GoFundMe page read. “We truly feel like at this point, if we continue to rally at this pace, we will be soon able to make 100% sure that pro-Trump conservatives never lose their voice in the social media world again.”

The platform portrayed the fundraiser as a way to prepare for the 2020 elections:

With the fast-approaching campaign season for the 2020 Presidential election, protecting our voices from the wrath of anti-Trump Facebook and Twitter is more important than ever before and is absolutely crucial to securing America’s future.

God Bless each and every patriot out there who has already generously donated to and/or shared this campaign with like-minded folks. It won’t ever be forgotten.

Although the site is a “pro-Trump network,” Riddleberger told IJR that he welcomed progressives and was willing to change the name of the site if users requested that after Trump’s eventual departure from office.

Riddleberger also told IJR he’s willing to welcome progressives to the site. “If a progressive is willing to join a site called Trump Town, then we don’t have a problem with it,” he said.

The platform’s website presented itself as a way to further civil debate:

So, in this important political climate in America — where division has reached a critical mass and open, honest debate is rare occurrence — it’s time to bring forth a platform that encourages political debate, from every end of every spectrum. Hence, TrumpTown was born.

The site, Riddleberger told IJR, is similar to Facebook and contains aspects from Twitter as well. “It’s very much like Facebook. People who join the site will immediately know where to go and how to use it.”

“We’re really open to almost anything anybody wants,” he said when asked about incorporating user preferences in the business.

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Rocky Drummond

Posts in this thread have vanished again.


The Left does itself a disservice by “silencing” the voices of those who do not think as they do.
It fully reveals it’s own opposition to the freedom of speech.
While I’m not sure I’ll donate to, I do contribute to other sites in support of free speech that are not YouTube or Google. That is literally the nightmare of these monopolistic industries. The ideas and technology are out there and THEY cannot control them.

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