Russian Professor Warns of Putin Hit list: ‘It’s Very Cold Warrish’

Russian-American professor Nina Khrushcheva talked about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s retaliatory strategy against state enemies and warned that his hit list and weapons development program is reminiscent of Cold War tensions.

Appearing on MSNBC, Khrushcheva, who is the professor of international affairs at The New School in New York, explained the current relationship between the U.S. and Russia and was apprehensive about increased international tensions with the Putin government after many Western countries expelled Russian diplomats in retaliation for the poisoning of a Russian spy on British soil.

“It’s very cold warrish,” Khrushcheva said of Russia’s relation to the U.S. and other countries. “[…] It’s developing right in front of our eyes. It’s a very chilling reality, and it is a possibility that there is a hit list. I wouldn’t imagine that there’s anything in writing because no good Kremlin would ever leave something like that in writing.”

She went on to explain Putin’s ruthless attitude toward Russian nationals he perceives to be traitors.

“Putin doesn’t like his enemies,” Khrushcheva said. “We do know that he has a very long memory. He’s been trained by the KGB, and in a KGB universe, a traitor is a traitor and needs to be punished at any cost.”

Khrushcheva detailed what she said was a wave of actions taken by the Russian government as opportunities have arisen, from the poisoning of the spy to Putin’s re-election and touting of a new missile that he claims will be able to bypass missile defense systems

But despite all the reasons for concern, she remained hopeful that some new path will open for conversation between Russia and the West.

“The question is whether Russia or the United States together would get out of that wave and actually turn into some sort of road where there can be some conversation happening,” she explained.

In response to Russia’s recent actions, President Donald Trump has taken a tougher stance toward Putin, expelling 60 Russian intelligence officers from the U.S. and imposing new sanctions on Russia.

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