Prosecutors Won’t File Charges Against Muslim Student Who Made Up Hate Crime After Trump’s Election Victory

In November, a University of Michigan student reported that a white male threatened to burn her alive unless she took off her hijab, a head covering worn by some practicing Muslim women.

The campus police grabbed hold of that report and brought it to the Ann Arbor Police Department’s attention. However, a month later it was found that there was no evidence to support that the student’s reported incident ever took place.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Robert Nickelsberg

The incident, classified under the law as “ethnic intimidation,” is prosecuted as a felony. One of the law enforcement officials told Fox 2 that the prosecutor’s office would be reviewing the case. Because the hate crime that the woman falsely reported is a felony, if convicted, she will face a felony charge, as well.

But Tuesday, officials at the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office told The College Fix in an email that they will not be pursuing any charges against the woman.

“This office has declined to authorize charges in that matter,” said Steven Hiller Chief Assistant Prosecutor.

The prosecutor’s office refused to comment any further.

The woman reported the hate crime just days after Donald Trump’s election victory. A wave of Muslim students began reporting similar hate crimes across the United States around the same time. Several of those reports turned out to be hoaxes.

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