Protestors Blow Rape Whistle and Storm Dinner Featuring Justice Kavanaugh

Chris Wattie/Reuters

It was a big night for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but it wasn’t all that peaceful.

On Thursday night, Kavanaugh — a conservative justice nominated by President Donald Trump — delivered his first major public speech at the annual Federalist Society meeting at Union Station in Washington, D.C., as IJR reported.

However, many expressed their unwelcomeness to Kavanaugh, as protestors took the streets outside the black-tie dinner.

The protestors expressed their disapproval of the Supreme Court justice in different ways — from a screen playing a clip of one of his accusers’ testimony to people dressed in handmaids outfits.

Check out the posts below:

The protest also occurred inside the dinner, as one person began blowing a rape whistle and another person chimed in shouting, “We believe Christine Ford!” and “We believe survivors!”

Watch the video below:

Kavanaugh’s major appearance on Thursday comes after his controversial confirmation hearings in October 2018, where he was accused of sexual assault from decades ago, in which he denied.

“Last year a lot of my friends put themselves on the line for me. People risked their jobs and livelihoods. They were yelled at, insulted and threatened,” Kavanaugh said at the event, adding, “My friends paid a heavy price. A way too heavy price.”

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Ron- the prog/left/lib/dims have shown time and time again that they have NO RESPECT for the rule of law, except when it can be used to their advantage. They have shown that the rule of law can be only used to protect themselves and NOT ANYBODY they are accusing. In fact, they just make crap up as they go when they are doing the accusing.


In a court of law he would have been found NOT guilty. Just like the hearing found him. You need better evidence to get convicted of a crime.just like the mueller investigation proof is needed. And now the impeachment PROOF. In a court of law hearsay isn’t even aloud. But the demwites will keep trying. They already change it now they are calling it bridery





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