Polls: Weeks of Impeachment Hearings Have Not Changed US Attitudes Toward Trump

Tom Brenner/Reuters

National and regional polls taken since the public phase of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump began to show that Americans have so far been largely unmoved by the evidence presented against the president.

An analysis of multiple polls by The Washington Post shows that from an even split of 46 percent opposing the removal of Trump from office and 46 percent supporting it in late September, 43 percent now say they oppose the effort and 47 percent say they support it.

More worrisome for Democrats, however, are suggestions that support for the impeachment efforts in key battleground states such as Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin is below national averages. Those states are considered crucial bellwether states in next year’s presidential election.

A dozen polls analyzed by the Post across those eight states found that 51 percent of voters are opposed to the Democratic efforts to unseat Trump and 44 percent support it. The national averages are closer, with 47 percent supporting impeachment and 43 percent opposed to it.

Also favorable for the president are reports that his job approval rating has barely budged throughout both the closed-door and public hearings on Capitol Hill. Roughly 40 percent of those polled say they approve of the president’s actions, the Post says, a number that has barely budged between late September and the Thanksgiving holiday.

The number suggests that most Americans are already locked into their opinions about Trump and are not likely to change them regardless of whether the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump or not, the Post says.

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>Patty Dougherty<

WHY should the DemocRATs care? They have a cushy job for as long as they can convince their low-IQ base they are "working for them", can raise their taxes to support wasting time and money and blame the Republicans for everything. Many of the Left's parasites will leave very wealthy and become lobbyists.

General Confusion

“What I want to know is how much of our tax payer money is being wasted on this crap!” Patty Dougherty

Not a penny will have been wasted, Patty, if it results in our rogue king getting impeached.

Sandra Lueder
Sandra Lueder

George Conway’s behavior is unconscionable. No one should do this to a spouse in public, no matter how different yoyr political views are. Why Kellyanne puts up with him is beyond me.


This is last month’s news. I am, however, fascinated that someone named George Conway hasn’t figured out that Trump will not only will reelection, but so will a lot of Republicans. Instead, he decided to print a headline implying that what everyone knows isn’t known to him. Or simply to reissue a headline that focuses on his own biases? That’s certainly happened before, like, um, yesterday.

Patty Dougherty
Patty Dougherty

I don’t even read that crap about the impeachment because it’s a bunch of crap! What I want to know is how much of our tax payer money is being wasted on this crap! And they’re going to blame it on Trump! It’s the Democrats wasting our money





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