French Talk Show Host Lays Into Trump as He Lands in France: ‘You Are Not Welcome in This Country’

President Donald Trump has been the butt of jokes on talk shows in the United States for a few years now, but he recently branched out, earning an attack from French talk show Quotidien.

The show’s host decided to lay into Trump, saying, “go and f**k yourself, you are not welcome in this county.”

Here’s the bit from Quotidien — just a warning, there are some expletives in the clip:

Quotidien is a rather large program in France. Last week, it hosted Eddie Redmayne, the star of the popular “Fantastic Beasts” spinoff of the Harry Potter series.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that leaders and vocal pundits have told the president that he is not welcome in their country. In 2017, British politicians expressed the same sentiment after Trump retweeted a British anti-Muslim activist.

Trump’s Paris visit seems to be going about as well as expected. He held a subdued press conference with the French leader and then decided to stay inside rather than join other world leaders in celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I.

The president has previously been quite enamored by the Parisians and their customs. After he witnessed a military parade in France, he decided that he would like one in the United States just like it — and of course, that fell out of order and was shelved for various reasons. Not the least of which was the fact that it would have cost quite a few taxpayer dollars.

In the United States, just about every celebrity has condemned the president for one of his various controversial viewpoints, but the ones who haven’t done so have been elevated to an outstanding status and, at points, given access to the president. Rapper Kanye West — whose main platform appears to be the embellishment of his own fame — recently even visited the Oval Office and delivered a rambling diatribe.

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  1. “go and f**k yourself, you are not welcome in this county.” We will remember that when the Russians invade France

  2. If that’s the case especially if Macron considers the US an enemy, our US dollars and armed forces there are not welcome either. Pull any funding by the US of France and armed forces out of France.

  3. If the IJR editorial opinion does not reflect the fact that Trump is not welcome in France, then they have not visited France since his inauguration.

    1. What part of France have Banistan, Guest and Rightisright visited since Jan 20, 2017 that found the French to be fans of Trump? Did you miss Le Journal and Le Monde weekend coverage of Trump? What reflected a positive reaction of the French? Was it Trump’s remarks at the cemetery for Americans that lost their lives in WWI-Trump was a no-show. Was it Trump’s defense of nationalism at the Arc of Triumph on Sunday?-Trump was silent.If America Alone is what you voted for, it is what you got.

      1. When have the French ever liked Americans? Oh yeah, when the Germans invaded and conquered them. Screw the French

        1. Patrick, don’t waste time with Phil. She presumes to know what French people, not Parisians, think. She tried the same stunt with Americans and failed.

          Phil presumes powers and knowledge she can’t touch even with Professor X’s Cerebro. She cannot read minds. She cannot speak for others. She’s full of shit and ego.

      2. Silly softspot in the head girl – France is moving right. Macron drivel is a lame response to his leftist base rethinking the rewards for France’s history of brutal colonialism. As for the French talk show host, proud keeper of French ethnocentrism, his mustard colored trots taste good to the American lamestream media.

    2. Phil, please share your own experiences in visiting France and conversing with French people.

      I suspect the people in Paris are spoiled, Leftists and not typical of the average not-Parisian. q.v. the 2016 election results. If one interviewed the denizens of “blue” zones, NOT the rest of the country, I’m sure that the results would be similar.

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