Rachel Maddow Has a Message for Democratic Voters Overthinking Their 2020 Primary Choice

Democratic primary voters will be faced with a long list of names come this time next year, but MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has a straightforward idea for how voters should approach the issue.

Do you vote for the most experienced candidate? The candidate leading in the polls? What about the candidate who stands the best chance against President Donald Trump?

In an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Maddow — slated to work as one of the moderators in the upcoming first Democratic debate — made the case for a much simpler approach.

Meyers pressed Maddow on the seemingly ever-present “electability” question, asking if voters are too caught up on the issue.

Watch the video below, via NBC:


“I think it’s both totally understandable and also a fool’s errand,” she replied. “I mean, I think that Democrats looking at their field right now probably see a lot that they like in that field.”

Maddow pointed to the fact that Democrats are almost unified in their motivating desire to remove Trump from office to explain why so many voters may see the primary as “something you ought to game out in terms of who’s most electable.”

But the MSNBC host doesn’t think that’s the right approach for voters:

“The problem with that is that nobody can tell. And when you try to make your voting decision based on not who you think is your favorite candidate, but who you think everybody else might think is their favorite candidate, it’s just dumb game theory. Like, it just doesn’t work mathematically.”

Maddow concluded by offering three simple recommendations for primary voters: pay attention, vote, and vote for the candidate they believe would make the best candidate.

“Any other way you try to outthink it, you’re gonna undo the point of the process,” she added.

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It’s good to know the Dumbo debate(s) will have such an unbiased panel member as MadCow because no one wants bias.


NOT worrying about electability is one reason Hillary lost in 2016 and the key to Biden’s positive polling. Rachel is literally overthinking.


It’s not game theory Rachel. It’s herd instinct.

Psychological tests have shown that TOO many choice overwhelm people, especially when there’s so little difference among their platforms.

What does that leave? Identity politics? Yeah, voting for people based on either immutable characteristics, NOT actual accomplishments or record, is so…..racist, sexist, ageist, etc.

Debra Pries
Debra Pries

I think it is her job and the rest of the media’s job to stop slanting the news. Cover ALL candidates equally. Give each candidate whether they’re number one or number 23 in the polls, the same amount of exposure and air time until after the primaries. Voters are tired of the media picking and choosing what info they report on. It’s really hard for the average person to not get disgusted with the whole process when the media shows favoritism. I find it puzzling why for instance MSNBC has former Congressman and Senators on that lost their campaigns, telling… Read more »

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