Radio Host Mulling 2020 Bid Against McConnell Taken off Air After FEC Complaint

The host of Kentucky Sports Radio, Matt Jones, has been taken off the air after the state’s Republican Party filed a complaint against him with Federal Election Commission.

Jones was reportedly weighing running in the Democratic Senate primary and running against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in the 2020 election.

However, Jones said in a statement that he has not decided whether or not he will run. In a statement posted on the station’s website, Jones called the complaint “nonsense.”

“The complaint is absolute nonsense and very disappointing from someone as powerful as McConnell. I have said repeatedly in public and in filings with the FEC that I am not yet a candidate, and I haven’t used the show to raise money or talk about my Exploratory Committee in any way.”

Jones said he understood the decision by iHeart Radio, the company which distributes his show, to take him off the air. He added that the company has been “very supportive.”

While Jones has not officially decided whether or not he is running, he did form an exploratory committee.

The complaint filed by the state’s Republican party alleges that Jones’ show could be considered an “in-kind” contribution by allowing the host to share his opinions of McConnell on air.

It also alleges that Jones’ upcoming book tour and his show allow him to “promote both his candidacy and his campaign-related book.”

Jones took a swipe at McConnell saying that the Senate Majority Leader, who frequently speaks about the value of free speech, is trying to silence him.

“Nevertheless, Senator McConnell has complained that having me on air is unfair, and the man who speaks often about the importance of free speech and the exchange of public ideas has decided to cut off mine.”

The radio host finished his statement saying he was disappointed that he can no longer be on air but added that since he will be deciding on running in the coming days, he does not believe it is worth fighting the complaint.

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