Rand Paul May Have to Fight Kentucky Law if This Tweet Is Any Indication of His 2016 Plans

A recent tweet from Senator Rand Paul has many speculating he will be in the 2016 presidential race:

Even though some believe his tweet, which was part of a mini-rant on political fashion, was a clear message that he’ll be running for president, there’s still no official statement confirming his race.

Paul has, however, already announced his official run for re-election for his Senate seat.

There’s just one problem:

A 1990 Kentucky statute prohibits candidates from appearing on the ballot twice. Since Paul’s seat in the Senate will be up for re-election in 2016, it looks like he’ll have to choose one of the two seats.

Unless, of course, he can figure out a loophole. A recent National Journal article revealed several ways Paul could get around the law, noting he has already been trying to get the statute changed.

In any case, his website URL, “randpaul2016,” leaves the door open for either or both races.

Social media reactions to a Rand Paul presidential run have been a mixed bag. Some twitter users pointed out his recent response to the Cuba policy change:

Some cited the ads he’s running against Jeb Bush, who has launched an “exploratory  committee” to look into his own possible 2016 presidential run:


Some were all for a Rand Paul presidential run . . . but they might have had ulterior motives:

And then some took a humorous approach:

According to Poltics1, of the many possible candidates for the 2016 presidential race, only two have made an official move: Democrat Jim Webb and Republican Jeb Bush.

Others, like Paul, have ‘winked’ at a possible run, but haven’t made any official announcements — like Hillary Clinton, who’s assumed to be running, and Dr. Ben Carson who also has been giving strong indications of a run.

What do you think?

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