Paul Calls Out His Senate Colleagues’ ‘Hypocrisy’ for Shooting Down His ‘Pennies Plan’ Balanced Budget


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called out his senatorial colleagues from both sides of the aisle after his “Pennies Plan” budget proposal was shot down in a Senate vote on Monday.

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, Paul — the junior senator from Kentucky serving since 2011 — was asked by host Steve Doocy how his proposed budget plan would work.

Paul explained that his plan would cut “a very little off the top,” 1 to 2%, of the money spent by the federal government each year that would balance the federal budget “in five years.”

He went on to say that “almost everybody” that he spoke to about the proposal — “even liberal government advocacy groups” coming to Washington to ask for funds — were okay with the proposed budget cut unless the person is an “elected official in Washington.”

Watch the video here:

Paul continued on to call out the “hypocrisy” plaguing Washington, saying he understood that “not one” Democrat would be for cutting spending or “reducing the debt” before blasting the “big government” Republicans that make up “over half” of the party for choosing to vote for the balanced budget amendment while shying away from his proposal which would accomplish the amendment’s goal of balancing the budget “in five years.”

“There [is] a lot of hypocrisy here in Washington. We understand that no Democrats are for reducing spending up here or for reducing the debt; not one. That’s a consistent theme,” said Paul. “But the surprising thing to many people is over half the Republicans — I call them the ‘big government Republicans’ — aren’t for cutting spending either.”

“So there really is a problem and a disconnect between these people go home and beat their chest and say how conservative they are, and how they’re for the balanced budget,” continued the Kentucky senator. “They all vote for the balanced budget amendment, which says you have to balance the budget in five years. Well, that’s what my budget does and none of them voted for it.”

“So there is a problem,” reiterated Paul.

The senator’s remarks came after the Senate voted 22-69 on his proposal, with bipartisan opposition easily striking down the measure.

The plan would have cut federal spending by over $11 trillion in more than ten years, expanded health savings accounts, and overhauled the budget process for the Senate. It also included a provision codifying that the U.S “will not be a socialist nation.”

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Anne Hauer
Anne Hauer

You can’t balance a budget and build a wall. The math doesn’t add up.


Are you guys OK? Are you completely unaware of what Trump’s tax cut did to the deficit? Don’t worry about it. Your kids and grandkids will remind you.


The Dems will vote against anything a Republican proposes, even if a Republican were to take a Dems proposal and promote it, the Dems would vote it down. Get rid of all of them! They are more interested in themselves than true good for our country.


Any plan that might work is never going to be passed because the status quo is the Congressional motto.


I’m certain Paul’s “Penny Plan” was first suggested several years ago by FOX talk show host Sean Hannity. Since then, a number of political figures have taken to support the Plan. Apparently there are some RINOs mixed in with the Dimwits in the Senate explaining why it was defeated.

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