‘Someone Is Going To Be Killed’: Rand Paul Calls Out Dems That Don’t Condemn Harassment

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is no stranger to violence against Republicans and shared his worries about the reluctance of Democrats to condemn harassment of senators during a recent interview.

During a radio interview on Tuesday, Paul called out politicians that refuse to speak out against violent protests and harassment.

“I really worry that someone is going to be killed and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation,” said Paul. “They have to realize that they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence.”

Paul witnessed his colleague Representative Steve Scalise  (R-La.) shot and almost killed during a baseball practice in 2017. He has also been the target of violence, prompting Paul’s wife to write an op-ed warning Democratic senators of the potential consequences of not speaking out.

“These are people that are unstable. We don’t want to encourage them,” Paul said in the interview. “We have to somehow ratchet it down and say we’re not encouraging them that violence is ever OK.”

Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) have made excuses for protesters, and former president candidate Hillary Clinton has stated “you cannot be civil” with Republicans.


Paul addressed their statements, explaining that some protesters may resort to violence.

“I think what people need to realize, that when people like Cory Booker say, ‘Get up in their face,’ he may think that that’s OK,” Paul said. “But what he doesn’t realize is that for about every 1,000th person that might want to get up in your face, one of them is going to be unstable enough to commit violence.”


  1. I would never call for any politician or whoever to be killed bit I did come to the conclusion that civility could return to politics if SOROS was dead. He is the cause of all of this. Paying protesters cash money to go disrupt anything he decides. And these ridiculous liberals who only support and agree with what they are told. Not a free thinker amongst them.Black lives matter ruined the credibility of police departments. Supported by Soros. Antifa which reportedly was founded on the idea of stopping Fascism.But yet they use Nazi tactics and propaganda to push their agenda and silence opposition. They are also paid by Soros. Everything the democratic party stands for is orchestrated by Soros. This man is a dictator and he wants to destroy government as we know it. He doesn’t respect anyone or anything he would cut a liberal democrats throat if they dared to disagree with his plans. He is the shower of discourse In our nation. No one else interferes in election or party platforms like this man does. And every time we are angered or upset by the liberal democrats he smiles because his plan is coming to fruitition, to tear down the republic brick by brick. Until nothing is left to believe in. So we could go back to regular government dischord instead of absolute hate which is now the only thing the Democratic party spreads. Switched up the view on issues that were shared by both parties. Like stopping illegal immigration, both Clinton’s and Obama were supportive of this cause until Trump said he would build a wall. Then you instantly became a racist if you were supportive. This is the literal “mind ficking” of America. I found it harious whem Mexican American citizens called Pelosi out, she didn’t k ow what to do because they saw her for the lying bureaucrat she is. It os so obvious that the Blasey Ford testimony was a complete farce perpetrated by Soros. The politicall connections she had. Her pioneering work in the legalization of the RU 46 “date rape pill” Obviously she is against Kavanaugh because he is a “right to life” supporter. Abortion is not birth control it’s murder of an existing life. But somehow the left destigmatized the ending of life by calling in “pro choice” that’s what the whole thing was about. Go fund me stated she earned over 3 million dollars from less than 2700 donors. Paid by Soros and we get attempted mind fucked again by the liberal democrats who turned it into a women’s sexual harassment issue because that’s all they ould come up with because Kavanaugh was so clean. This was done by Sen Dianne Feinstein but it was orchestrated by Soros. They knew they had nothing so them completely fabricated a night that never happened. The played the #metoo movement and women’s rights all they accomplished was more division among the citizenry and may have destroyed any chance of controlling anything. I really feel that Dems are gonna feel the hurt in November and this abandonment of their voters can and will only be the cause of their downfall.

  2. It’s all Shits and giggles until a Democrat gets hurt. Then, It’s hilarious!!!

  3. Trump is the one who initiated the violence at his rallies. Something probably will happen before everything is over.

  4. Why would the Democrats condemn the violence across our country—-they are encouraging the violence—-just listen to them.

    1. They are not encouraging violence. You are being played.

      1. You are obviously blind and deaf if uou dont know that Antifa is bought and paid to protest what their god Soros tells them. Tim Kaine Senator D-VA is a multi millionaire who has accomplished nothing for his constituents in VA for years and years, not as senator, not as governor, not as a civil lawyer or in any other capacity. But he was Hillary Clinton’s choice for Veep. His son was arrested in Minnesota for destruction of public property while protesting Trump with Antifa. Why don’t you liberals see this, its not an accident. Soros tells you who to elect, what to believe and that anyone who disagrees with is your (racist) enemy.

  5. You are being played. How is it possible that all of these guys suddenly came out with the same narrative? They had a meeting and someone proposed it as a way to change the public discussion was going. They used a few trigger words, the media plays along to keep the ball rolling and… here we are.

    1. Can’t use the words “trigger” or “target district”. Ask Sara Palin….Oh wait, Democrats get away with it, Republicans can’t. Gotcha.

  6. Perhaps the Senator has heard of Heather Heyer? Republicans invented incivility and harassment.

    1. It was for the grace of God that Antifa idiots didn’t kill someone in any of their multiple riots across the country. Perhaps Democratic Senators recall those sunny days fondly but the millions of dollars in damages did not leave locals with a smile on their faces either.
      Ms. Heyer’s death was tragic but you are a complete tool if you think her death was only as a result of conservative actions. The Left flooded Charlottesville with the intent to cause harm , it was unfortunate that it most obviously befell one of their own.

      1. Craigslist ads proved this point. The were paid to disrupt a “rally for the right” You think real white supremacist Nazis would be so stupid as to let anyone know their next move. The Tea Party was the real target of the left. But the White Supremacist did come. This paid Soros actor was ran over because she was disrupting a Republican rally. I’m not taking up for the racist who drove into them but if you recall Antifa likes to block hiways and roads. Now its completely legal to run over protestors who block the street.. Accept responsibility for individual actions, her protest accomplished to get her killed, if I had been a member of her family I would have filed a suit against Antifa and Soros who are as much culpable as she was. Hope it was worth $150 to protest against the Right. A cause that is so stupid that a stupid White Supremacists thought that “right” referred to him so they showed up
        Antifa lost touch with reality and started the whole fiasco. But out of that incident they started calling any white person who is supportive of republicans is “racist and they still do. Must be all that white guilt that makes you want to call another group racist.

    2. Did not Heather Heyer happen AFTER Steve Scalise? Perhaps bigredeo has heard of Steve Scalise? Just WTF is your point?

    3. No dems did I live in va and it’s dem that run it’s seat

  7. Whichever side suffers the first casualty, I think this is going to escalate, especially if November does not go the way the Dims want. On the plus side the Reps tend to be much more gun-friendly than the Dims. Plus they are concentrated in unsustainable (ironic, isn’t that) “islands”.

    1. I just don’t see personal harrassment coming from the right. With the MSM bias as strong as it is, they would certainly run anything that could be construed as inapprpriate that was initiated by Reps. Booker, Waters, Hillary, all advocating stalking and violence; just unconscionable.

      1. No, it isn’t. It is necessary and healthy for an open society.

        1. Actually saying you hope something happens to Trump or his supporters. If not you would ridicule the people who are feeding the flames. Hillary, Marty Booker, Schumer, Pelosi. And the liberal demigod who controls them all, that bastard Soros. But you are advocating violence because you blindly follow party lines and your party has vocally stated it’s goal of disruption and confrontation because Nazis didn’t allow opposition a voice, and they were quite successful at destroying the ruling party so that they could seize total control of the government and that is exactly what you are attempting now.

    2. Republicans aren’t the violent ones! We are gun educated!!

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