Rand Paul’s Deputy Chief Pushes Back on ‘Demagogue’ Jon Stewart Amid Feud Over 9/11 Victims Bill

One of Senator Rand Paul‘s (R-Ky.) aides blasted former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart as a “demagogue” as the feud between the two on the 9/11 victims bill rages.

After the Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill reauthorizing the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund (VCF) on Tuesday with a vote of 97-2 and sent the legislation to President Donald Trump’s desk, Stewart took aim at Paul — one of the two “no” votes on the measure — and claimed that he and September 11 first responder John Feal were unable to get a meeting with his office in a CNN interview, as IJR Blue previously reported.

“We’ve tried to get into that office many, many times to have those conversations with those staffers, and haven’t been able to,” claimed Stewart.

Stewart also called Paul a “scallywag” and a “ragamuffin” after Paul had blasted him as a “guttersnipe.”

“I have a mind to call him a scallywag! And a ragamuffin! I’ll escalate this,” said the comedian.

Stewart’s jabs did not sit well with Paul’s deputy chief of staff Sergio Gor, who torched the comedian as a “demagogue” and a “disheveled charlatan” while claiming that Stewart “never reached out” to the Kentucky senator’s office in a statement to The Hill.

“Jon Stewart never reached out to me or our office. He is a liar and a demagogue who has revealed himself as nothing more than a disheveled charlatan,” Gor said.

Paul’s office said that the senator and Stewart had met years ago and that they more recently had a meeting with the FealGood Foundation — which was founded by Feal.

The 9/11 first responder confirmed the meeting with Paul’s staff, but said, “All of that now doesn’t matter because we just got a bill passed 97-2.”

When Feal alerted Stewart about Gor’s remarks, he told The Hill that the comedian responded with “OK, Randy.”

Both Paul and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) — the other “no” vote on the bill — said they supported the measure but wanted to offset the costs of it with other budget cuts before its final passage.


  1. Stewart like that gutter dweller Maher on HBO spew more lies that Bernie, Warren , Biden and Hilliary….

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