Rapper Has Had Enough of Kanye’s Support for Trump: I Want the Crips to ‘F**k Kanye Up’

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

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Rap star Kanye West has gotten a lot of people talking over his support for President Donald Trump. While he has gotten praise for breaking the mold, others are not so happy. 

According to TMZ, rapper Daz Dillinger posted a video asking if any gang members see West, they should “f**k” him up.

“Yo, national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f**k Kanye up,” Dillinger said. “You see that motherf**ker, f**k his a** up on GP.

“It’s Crip s**t, n***a,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Dillinger also compared West’s support to being a traitor to his own people for his survival.

“It’s like we all in one boat and they’re killing all of us, and he jump over there and say, ‘Master, I’m on your side, master. I’ve got all the information. I’m with you, Master Trump, burn all these n***as,'” he said.

“So all the Crips out there, you see [West], bang on his a**, f**k his a** up,” Dillinger ended the video.

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