Rashida Tlaib Gave Every New Member of Congress a Book Arguing for Trump’s Impeachment

Rashida Tlaib
Rebecca Cook/Reuters

Congresswoman-elect Rashida Tlaib is wasting no time ensuring her colleagues know her end goal of firing President Donald Trump. As a gift to every new member elected to the House of Representatives, Tlaib sent out a book written by three constitutional lawyers that argue the case to impeach Trump.

Tlaib showed off her present on Tuesday. “I am making sure we know our power in Congress to hold corrupt elected officials accountable,” she tweeted.

The book, released in August, details the constitutional argument for impeachment. According to the website for the book, Trump should be impeached for taking the following actions:

  • Accepting illegal payments from foreign governments
  • Using government agencies to persecute political enemies
  • Obstructing justice
  • Abusing the pardon power
  • Undermining of the freedom of the press

Tlaib’s desire to impeach the president isn’t a new one. Since the beginning of her campaign, she made clear her intent to fire Trump, often using #ImpeachTrump in her social media posts.

The idea is popular with new progressive lawmakers. Rep. Beto O’Rourke said during his campaign for Texas Senate that he’s open to the idea. “There may be an open question as to whether the president — then the candidate — sought to collude with the Russian government in 2016,” he said in a CNN town hall last month.

But Democratic leaders such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are warning against the action. Biden told CBS last month he hoped the new Democrats in the House wouldn’t impeach the president: “I don’t think there’s a basis for doing that right now.”

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Phyllis Softa

Why would impeachment be a consideration before anyone reads the Mueller report? That would be asking the jury to vote before the case has been presented.





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