Asked if She’s Back in the Gym, RBG Says ‘I Never Left’

Lindsay DeDario/File Photo/Reuters

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has faced a string of health problems over the past few weeks, but the Supreme Court Justice says that broken ribs and a cancer diagnosis never kept her out of the gym.

During an interview at the University of California at Berkeley on Monday, Ginsberg said “yes, I never left it. Even in my lowest periods, I never left it. Even in my lowest periods, I couldn’t do very much but I did what I can.”

RBG outlined her workout, saying “I do push-ups, planks — front and side, lots of weight-bearing exercises.”

Here’s a clip of her remarks:

Ginsberg, who is 86-years-old, fell last November and broke three ribs. When doctors ran tests, they also noticed two cancerous nodules on her lungs. Thankfully, the cancer was successfully removed and the icon is now back on the bench.

Of course, RBG’s workout routine is among the most famous exercise routines thanks to a hugely popular book that her trainer, Bryant Johnson, wrote titled “The RBG Workout.”

The workout has gotten a lot of attention over the years; in 2017, Politico sent a reporter to try out the workout and the outlet ran a story titled “I Did Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s Workout. It Nearly Broke Me.” In 2018, Stephen Colbert worked out with RBG and her trainer and we discovered that she listens to mostly opera music while she’s exercising.

There have been nearly constant speculation that Ginsberg will retire from the Supreme Court but she has been adamant that she has no plans on leaving any time soon. If she were to retire, it would throw the already conservative makeup of the court into a Republican stronghold as Trump would appoint his third Justice.

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Ruth, you’re lying. Your procedures took place in a hospital, not a gym, as did your convalescence.





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