Record-Setting Crowd Trump Pulled in Last Night Takes Some Bite Out of Hillary’s ‘Post-Debate Bump’

Last Monday, Americans finally got their chance to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the first of three, scheduled presidential debates.

While online polls yielded a wide range of different results, most experts agree that Clinton ‘won‘ the debate — and she has since enjoyed a boost in the polls as a result.

That might have come as discouraging news for some Trump fans, but — judging from the two candidates’ rallies on Monday — it’s much too soon to count the GOP nominee out yet:

Trump’s rally at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado, reportedly drew the biggest crowd the venue had ever seen:

More than 8,000 people packed in to the Center to see the candidate:

While outside, lines of supporters snaked around the building:

Another 2,000 Trump supporters packed into the overflow area, with event staff confirming a total crowd of about 10,000:

At practically the same time, Hillary Clinton held a rally of her own in Akron in the battleground state of Ohio.

Despite the fact that she was fresh off an endorsement from Akron-born NBA superstar LeBron James, Clinton’s rally seems to have been met with much less enthusiasm:

She reportedly ended up drawing a crowd of about 2,600:

The enthusiasm level behind the scenes seemed to be about the same.

The New York Times’ Amy Chozick posted this photo of the press area at Clinton’s rally:

With one of the most heated election cycles in recent memory headed into the final stretch, both Clinton and Trump are surely going to be pulling out all the stops to reach voters.

On Tuesday, voters will get a chance to see how the parties’ two vice presidential nominees stack up against one another, followed just days later by Sunday’s second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

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