One Year Later, the Restaurant Owner Who Kicked out Sarah Sanders Says Business Is ‘Better Than Good’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Last June, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen Restaurant in rural Virginia and the move created a storm of online backlash and caused the restaurant to shut their doors for more than a week as protesters held court outside.

But on Tuesday, one of the restaurant’s owners, Stephanie Wilkinson, wrote in a Washington Post editorial that she doesn’t regret showing Sanders the door.

She began her piece by writing, “I’ve been getting hate mail for almost a year now,” but quickly turned the situation into a positive. She explained the situation that unfolded as “I took Ms. Sanders aside and politely suggested she leave. She agreed, equally politely.”

Wilkinson wrote that the hate mail began to overflow and that she was afraid for her own safety and that of her staff.

Like a lot of other unfortunate figures who have stumbled into the national news cycle, Wilkinson and her restaurant found themselves on the receiving end of a tweet from the president, who called the restaurant “dirty.”

Wilkinson wrote that when reopened, the dining room was full and that “supporters sent thousands of dollars in donations in our honor to our local food pantry, our domestic violence shelter and first responders.”

She went on to say that “after nearly a year, I’m happy to say that business is still good. Better than good, actually,” before closing with “to everyone who might be fearful about taking a stand, I say don’t be. Resistance is not futile, for you or your business.”

Sanders is one of the few figures in the Trump White House who has lasted for almost the entirety of the president’s term, which makes her one of the more recognizable figures in 1600 Penn. Additionally, she’s often eager to fight with the press and peddle her boss’ agenda which, at times, includes some misleading claims.


  1. I’m glad that Red Hen helps the community coffers, but denying service or allowing harrassment of patrons seems anti-community. Would they be popular if they tossed out a transvestite who was minding his/her/it’s own business and simply trying to have a meal?

  2. Food banks and domestic abuse shelters all over the country will be inviting Sarah to visit a restaurant in their town.

    1. So you’re OK with what happened to Sarah Sanders? Hypocrite!

      1. Hypocrite?? She was asked to leave and did. What is there NOT to be OK with? I hold the same opinion of this incident as I did the gay wedding cake & flowers. I have no idea why ANYONE would want to give their money to a business that doesn’t want to serve you. If the baker was forced to agree to bake the cake, would YOU eat it? My advice is to pass.

        1. She was HARASSED into leaving, you liar. As usual, you deflect into something completely different. Your MO is getting very old, philly. Your spins are getting very old. You have NO credibility here at all. “Hypocrite” and “Liar”, both fit. You are NOTHING BUT a left-wing stooge.

          1. Still waiting the meaning of your OWN phrase “government knows best state”. Miss high and mighty, just WHAT does that mean?

          2. WHY would you want my meaning of anything? Did you forget I have no credibility? That’s some memory you have there.

          3. Perhaps you are confusing Sarah with Sec Nielsen who was harassed in a Mexican restaurant in DC. Sarah was simply asked to leave a VA restaurant and did. Even the titled of the article describes it as “kicked out.” I am the elder with an apparent much better recall than you. You might want to look into having it evaluated by medical professionals. WHY do you perceive I care about your assessment of my credibility? You appear to be having a temper tantrum. Kinda old for that.

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