How NOT To Remember Martin Luther King Jr., By Various Companies’ Twitter Accounts

Pretty much every event gives companies an occasion to embarrass themselves by trying to cash in on celebrations, anniversaries, and memorials, and Martin Luther King Jr. day is no exception.

Here are some of the worst “remembrances” on Twitter:

— popchips (@popchips) January 20, 2014

I doubt MLK’s dream included being used to sell popcorn, but I’m not really an MLK scholar.


On the other hand, I’m very sure he’d approve of this Malt-O-Meal ad. Who hates Malt-O-Meal?! Commies, that’s who!

Equinox is a high end gym, but this tweet is pretty low on the scale of bandwagon marketing.

Nyquil gets some points for their clever wordplay on his “I have a dream” speech.

PETA has a pretty long disgusting history of valuing animals above human beings, so it’s no surprise they’d equate the Civil Rights struggle of Martin Luther King Jr. with that of pigs and dogs. Also they may be smoking crack over there. And for some odd reason these two companies associate MLK with hats:



Hey, I’ll write your next year’s celebration tweet of MLK: “I have a dream! That someday all Americans will be able to buy low-cost, high quality hats safely and securely online!”

But without a doubt, the winner of the worst MLK Day tweet has to be Bugles’ chips:

Seriously? That is an astoundingly stupid social media fail. You might as well put a bag of your stupid chips in his hands, Bugle.

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