Remember When Trump Was Accused of Mocking Reporter With Disability? This Video Might Clear Him…

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is a pretty colorful guy.

But when Trump allegedly mocked a reporter with a disability at a South Carolina campaign stop nearly a year ago, he faced serious backlash for it.

Trump reportedly impersonated New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who called into question Trump’s statement that Muslim-Americans celebrated in New Jersey when the Twin Towers were hit on 9/11.

Here’s what he looked like then:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News
Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

Trump was slammed pretty hard after his speech, and many demanded he publicly apologize for his actions, but he never did.

In a statement, Trump explained he did not know Kovaleski was handicapped:

“I merely mimicked what I thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago. If Mr. Kovaleski is handicapped, I would not know because I do not know what he looks like.”

However, Kovaleski claimed to have been on a “first-name basis” with him while he was at the New York Daily News:

“Donald and I were on a first-name basis for years,” Kovaleski told the Times in November. “I’ve interviewed him in his office,” he added. “I’ve talked to him at press conferences. All in all, I would say around a dozen times, I’ve interacted with him as a reporter while I was at The Daily News.”

Ten months later, a Catholic, pro-Trump group is aiming to rid him of political persecution once and for all. Catholics 4 Trump collected clips of Donald Trump speaking over the past decade or so.

Fox News compiled the clips into the concise video you see above, showing that Trump’s mannerisms are similar in years’ past in describing a slew of “flustered” people, including:

A bank president (Oct. 2015):

Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News
Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

An Army general (Nov. 2015):

Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News
Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

Ted Cruz (Feb. 2016):

Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News
Image Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

And ten years before he even “mocked” a “flustered” Kovaleski, Trump made fun of himself as he was flustered on vacation:

Trump has stood by his story, saying last July he would “never” mock a reporter who was handicapped.

His campaign has yet to release a statement regarding the recent bid to clear his name in the nearly year-long controversial story.

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