There’s a Familiar Conservative Face Behind #Shootback Gay Pride Flags in Hollywood

West Hollywood is being covered in the Pride rainbow, as an anonymous group has plastered the city with posters that combine the LGBT flag with the Gadsden rattlesnake and the caption #ShootBack.

City officials like Mayor Lauren Meister have condemned the image, saying violence just begets more violence.

Street artist Sabo, a spokesman for the group, claims the posters are not intended to incite a violent reaction. The provocative artist spoke exclusively with PJ Media, explaining:

“It is all of our responsibilities to be able to protect ourselves and our families. We can not do that if our elected officials disarm us.”

Recognizing where the threat comes from, argues Sabo, is crucial to the LGBT community. “Continuing to deny where the threat is coming from will not help keep this community safe,” he told PJ Media. “The gay community needs to realize that the police are there to respond, not protect.”

Sabo doesn’t discriminate; his work has angered both Democrats and Republicans. Independent Journal Review covered him earlier this year as he took on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Some of his memorable works include Abortion Barbie and and a series of Ted Cruz paraphernalia.

Posters have been sighted near city hall, the Pacific Design Center, The Abbey, and the home of artist Chad Michael Morissette.

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