Dem Rep Downplays His Remark on Nuking Americans Who Resist His Gun Confiscation Plan: ‘Sarcasm’

Alex Edelman/Getty Images

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) faced immense online backlash on Friday when he implied the government would use nuclear weapons against those who attempted to resist gun confiscation.

His comments came in light of a news article detailing his plan for a buy-back program.

When he was criticized for the plan, Swalwell responded, “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes.”

“Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities,” he said.

The backlash to his apparent threat was swift, and many Second Amendment supporters pointed out the irony in his comment:

Afterward, Swalwell told everyone to “stop being so dramatic” about his remarks and complained about being viewed as a “tyrant” while insisting that “no one is nuking anyone or threatening that”:

He later even tried to write off his tweet as “sarcasm,” saying, “God forbid we use sarcasm”:

The incident comes as the nation grapples with two tragic shootings in recent weeks, one targeting a Pittsburgh synagogue that took the lives of 11 and another at Thousand Oaks bar in California that killed 12.

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When Trump is sarcastic, it immediately goes down as a lie. Conservatives are gonna love swallowswell on the national stage. This dude is a stooge in the first degree. Makes you think he might be related to pelosi with the nonsense that normally comes out of his mouth.

Bill Whalen

No one sees the humor when President Trump is sarcastic. Democrats are the first to take every word he says literally. Why should this idiot congressman’s words be any different? His plan is: Do what the government says or we’ll find a way to kill you for resisting our control. Did facebook or twitter ban him for threatening American citizens? Isn’t it hate speech to threaten to kill Americans?

George Hoelzel

Demonstrating how lacking in common sense some people in government are!!!! I for one have been conditioned to do everything and anything to protect our beloved constitution. Free speech, free press, free assembly, free religion and the tools to ensure success if threatened.

George Willings

Idiot CA Rep makes threat of using nukes over gun control, then turns and says it was sarcasm, and then points out points of gun control debate and then had the audacity to progress = 0. He is the epitome of why the rest of the country thinks California is retarded, they keep electing mindless idiots.


1. If someone like Swolledwill EVER gets access to nukes then maybe we do deserve to die, because entropy HAS turned the dial to “11”.

2. Even joking (sure Eric) about literal mass murder of those who will not surrender their constitutional rights is psychopathic, except he’s not smart enough.

Norlene Weaver

Well” that’s a Democrat for you , we have them
Threatening the life of our President. Threatening our rights be removed, blatant voter fraud, open borders , Illegals voting , Now this
Fraud threatening to Nuke us , if we don’t give up our guns,. And yet they wonder why sane people
Complain about them . I’ve come to the conclusion it is no longer the Democrat party,
But a organized crime syndicate. And should be treated as such..


So, if Swalwell hypothetically gains access to and nukes TX(which has lots of military bases, nukes, and the means to deliver them) how does he think that will work out for his CA voting base?

Does he think other anti- or pro-2nd amendment states are going to just make popcorn? The fun part about blues is that they are largely isolated in cities and small enclaves surrounded by a lot of red. Just cut off their food, water, power.


I get the point he was trying to make. Still, not a great reaponse from any politician.





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