Reporters Grill White House on If Mueller Crossed ‘Red Line’ By Subpoenaing Trump Organization

The White House on Thursday said it plans to continue cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller despite news emerging that the investigation had subpoenaed the Trump Organization, a move President Donald Trump previously said would be a step too far.

When asked about Mueller’s subpoena, which included all Trump Organization documents related to Russia, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reiterated the president’s denial of any collusion with Russia and directed any further questions to the president’s businesses.

“As we’ve maintained all along and as the president has said numerous times: There was no collusion between the campaign and Russia,” Sanders said when asked if Trump was “upset” about Mueller crossing a previously established “red line.”

Sanders was pressed again on whether or not Trump’s red line statement still stands and she replied simply: “We’re going to continue to fully corporate out of respect for the special counsel.”

In July 2017, the president was asked if Mueller’s investigation would be crossing a line if it looked into his family’s finances. “I would say yes … I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia,” Trump answered.

But at least for now, the White House says it will continue to play nice regarding the ongoing investigation, while also expecting it the wrap up soon and produce findings similar to what House Intelligence Committee Republicans reported this week: No collusion.

“We’re going to continue to cooperate with the office of special counsel and we look forward to them coming to the same conclusion,” Sanders said, referring to the controversial Republican House Intel report.

While the White House may be hoping for Mueller’s investigation to wrap up “soon,” news such as the subpoenaing of the president’s businesses appears to suggest otherwise, with the probe inching closer to Trump than ever before.

Watch Sanders’ comments above, via CNBC.

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