German Paper Attacked By Arsonists After Reprinting Charlie Hebdo Cartoons with ‘Freedom’ Headline

The Hamburger Morgenpost printed three of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on its front page this weekend with the caption: “This much freedom must be possible!”

Sunday morning, around 2 am, the police were alerted to an arson attack on the offices:

“’Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window,’ a police spokesman told AFP. ‘Two rooms on lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly.’”

Fortunately, no one was injured, reported The Guardian.

Many newspapers in Germany printed the Muhammad cartoons in solidarity with France and the lives lost in the attack on Charlie Hebdo. The police said it was too soon to draw connections between the firebombing and the printing of the cartoons.

Currently the local police have detained two people. They made no further comments on the investigation.

Hamburger Morgenpost posted photos of the fire damage to the building on their website, along with shots of local firemen at the scene. They also published a list of reactions, mostly supportive tweets, from readers.

The night before, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her political party leaders to discuss the attack in France:

“We have made clear that the events in France, this barbaric terrorist act, are a challenge for all of us, for the values that we advocate, to fight for them.”

Chancellor Merkel and several other world leaders participated in a massive rally of support in Paris, France this evening. More than 3 million people have participated in the unity rallies across the country.

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