Republicans Are Stepping up to the Plate to Stop Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Money on Animal Testing

Several federal government agencies have been exposed recently for wasting taxpayer money on cruel and ineffective animal tests — and new trends show growing support among Republicans to put an end to the practice.

According to Pew research, more Americans than ever now oppose animal testing, up to 52 percent from just 43 percent back in 2009. GOP opposition to animal testing, likewise, has skyrocketed from just 33 percent in 2009 to a whopping 48 percent now.

When it comes to the taxpayer-funded animal tests conducted by a slew of federal agencies over the years — including the Department of Veterans Affairs’ deadly experiments on dogs and the Department of Agriculture’s secret pattern of killing kittens — it looks like Republicans are sick and tired of picking up the tab.

A 2016 poll found a majority of voters wanted to cut federal funding for animal testing, with greater support for reforms among Republicans. Last year, data showed 75 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Democrats wanted federal agencies to replace animal testing with more accurate and cost-effective alternatives.

Earlier this year, a poll commissioned by taxpayer watchdog White Coat Waste Project revealed 79 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of Democrats want to cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s spending on cruel animal tests.

Anthony Bellotti, former GOP political strategist and founder and president of White Coat Waste Project, commented on the trend in a statement to IJR:

“Having founded White Coat Waste Project in 2011 to mobilize liberty-lovers to fight $15 billion in forced taxpayer-funded animal tests, I am proud of the progress we are making to cut waste, save animals, and grow the movement. These polls underscore how ending wasteful government animal testing is a nonpartisan cause, and it should be supported by anyone who hates government waste and animal abuse.”

Not only is opposition to government-funded animal testing growing nationwide and among Republicans in particular, but GOP lawmakers are increasingly stepping up to the plate to combat wasteful spending on such experiments.

In fact, eleven of fifteen of White Coat Waste Project’s Congressional Waste Warrior awardees were Republicans last year.


Some recent examples of current GOP-led efforts to cut wasteful government animal testing include:

  • Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) leading the effort to end painful testing on dogs at the Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) leading efforts to end EPA animal testing
  • Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) leading efforts to retire dogs, cats and monkeys after government experiments
  • Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) leading efforts to end painful testing on kittens at the USDA

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