Republicans Celebrate 50-Year Low Unemployment Rates, Claim Dems Are Focused on Impeachment Instead of Growth

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Republicans are running a victory lap after recent unemployment data revealed jobless rates were at a 50-year low.

As IJR reported earlier, unemployment dropped to 3.5% — the lowest unemployment rate since December 1969. Additionally, jobs growth increased slightly over the month of September with more than 100,000 new jobs added to the U.S. economy.

While the overall numbers show a strong economy for all Americans, Hispanic Americans and African Americans also saw historic lows in unemployment rates.

These solid jobs numbers gave Republicans a lot to celebrate, especially given the economic uncertainty that has been reflected in the stock market as trade negotiations with China and the impeachment drama in Washington D.C. left investors worried.

Several Republicans took to Twitter to celebrate the news.

Some Republicans also used the strong economic numbers to jab Democrats who have been shifting their focus toward their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

While Trump clearly sees this strong economy as a failsafe against the Democratic impeachment inquiry, it’s important to note that the last time the economy was this strong, President Richard Nixon was in office.

Nixon, of course, resigned before Congress could finish its impeachment effort.

Although there was good news for jobs overall, some industries haven’t been feeling the love as much as others. Manufacturing activity within the U.S. dipped to a 10-year low, showing that most of the job growth touted by Republicans is happening outside of that sector.

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Who F-Ing cares? ST’s comments make more sense than ANYTHING you’ve ever posted. If you don’t have anything other than ad hominem attacks you don’t have anything….and I mean anything!!!!

Phyllis Softa

Okay, who else wants to be there when Screw declares himself “illegal, transgendered and pregnant”?


“Money and attorneys are not going to help a bit in the upcoming Civil War being promoted for prime time by the Leftists. You’re going to need guns and lots of ammo. [Check and see if that FFL in Tempe, AZ is still running his sale on AR-15’s.]”

It’s entirely possible I have that contingency covered as well. Also other supplies. It’s amazing what one can make using parts and chemicals from, say, Home Depot.

Tom Bodine

Demo-🐀’s have nothing for the working American just the freeloaders, bottom feeders and illegals.



Employment #'s as of 10/4/2019: (1) Black male unemployment DOWN to 5.4%; lowest since 1973. (2) Hispanic unemployment DOWN to 3.9%; Lowest EVER recorded. (3) White unemployment DOWN to 3.5%; lowest since December 1969.

Damn Trump and his policies to Make America Great Again! He should be impeached (let's make something up as to why).


To whoever replied,

IJR won’t let me see your post. IJR as usual.


Here’s the f’d up part of IJR: the comments (part of more) below are “awaiting moderation”. Why? If there are rules to this discussion, why are they secret? What are the f’ing rules? Is this a guessing game? Obviously there are no means of appeal or recourse. This, along with the recycled news are why I limit my time here. Here’s a thought: IF a Dim gets elected (disaster) let’s ALL declare ourselves illegals and transgenders and pregnant. Alinsky said make your enemies live up to their standards. I’m going change that to make them die by their standards. Deny… Read more »



“That is precisely why they are now Socialists; not DemocRATs. DemocRATs used to work FOR America and FOR the people. Socialists are working FOR Socialist POWER and CONTROL and to Hell with what the people want or need. Follow along behind the 2020 clown car to hear the evidence straight from the South end of North bound jackasses.”

They have ALWAYS been Socialists, even before Marx, the Fabians, the Utopians, or the *ahem* Progressives. Central government control is their ENTIRE raison d’etre, i.e. they know how to run our lives better than we do.





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