Republicans Expertly Troll Democratic Senator Whose Company Outsourced Jobs to Mexico


It may have sounded like a fiesta, but it was definitely a protest when the Senate Republican campaign arm sent a mariachi-style band to serenade Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN).

The five-person band was joined by other protesters holding signs that read “Made in Mexico” and “Outsource Donnelly Out of D.C.” during Donnelly’s Monday stop at the United Auto Workers Local 1963 union hall in Anderson, Indiana, The Indianapolis Star reported.

The musical stunt was in response to a recent Associated Press report indicating Donnelly’s family’s arts and crafts brand, Stewart Superior Corp., had been outsourcing production of some of its materials to Mexico.

“Joe Donnelly can try to make Hoosiers forget about his family business’s outsourcing controversy,” a National Republican Senatorial Campaign spokesman Bob Salera said in a press release. “But we’ll make sure it’s the first thing on voters’ minds when they head to the polls in 2018.”

Donnelly — or “Mexico Joe,” as Republicans have started calling him — was one of the loudest voices criticizing air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier Corp. for deciding to send its production to Mexico.


Last year, he said his heart was “filled with outrage” over Carrier’s decision to ship jobs to Mexico. Apparently, Donnelly is only outraged when other companies outsource jobs.

Indiana Democratic Party senior media strategist Will Baskin-Gerwitz condemned Republicans for “resorting to cheap publicity stunts to distract from Joe’s stellar record on the issues that matter to Indiana’s economy,” the Indianapolis Star reported.

The band was paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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