Republicans Hold on to Senate After Toomey Squeaker In Pennsylvania

When Republican Senator Pat Toomey won reelection in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, he insured that the GOP would hold on to control of the U.S. Senate.

Toomey won in a squeaker over Katie McGinty. McGinty would have been the state’s first female senator.

During his campaign, Toomey tried desperately to distance himself from Donald Trump. and this may have made for a tighter race.

The importance of Toomey’s win to Senate Republicans couldn’t be overstated, and people on social media caught on:

This Bloomberg reporter made a prediction:

Democrats appreciated the gravity of the situation, too.

Democratic strategist James Carville predicted that big Obama programs would go by the wayside:

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman knew who to blame:

“Mr. Weeks” predicted the cost of the Democrats not winning the Senate:

And the vote was history-making:

The Democrats picked up one new Senate seat, with Congressional representative Tammy Duckworth defeating Illinois Senator Mark Kirk.

In addition to Toomey hanging onto his seat, Republicans were worried about the open seat in Indiana. But Republican Congressman Todd Young surprised popular Democrat Evan Bayh:

In the end, the Republicans retained the Senate and House, and won the White House.

Now, they need to govern.

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