Research Shows That Most Guns Used in School Shootings Come From Shooters’ Homes

Research has shown that many school shooters use weapons stolen from relatives in their home, not firearms purchased at a dealer.

According to The Wall Street Journal, out of 20 cases where the information was available on how they obtained the gun, 17 were either stolen from home or from relatives.

Currently, there is no major push for increased safety in the homes, but many are calling for other regulations on gun stores.

These calls for increased gun regulations follow the Parkland school shooting. While Nikolas Cruz did purchase his firearm legally, he is in the minority when discussing school shootings.

Mike Stocker-Pool/Getty Images

However, many Parkland students have advocated for tighter gun laws following the shooting.

“The universal background checks so that we can close the gun show loophole because right now you can purchase a firearm even in Florida at the age of 18 still, if it’s private. And you don’t need a background check for that,” Parkland student David Hogg said in an interview with NPR. “It’s one of the loopholes, and we have to address those — a ban on high-capacity magazines and an assault weapons ban.”

While many are pushing for increased gun control, some are also working to ensure potential mass shooters don’t have access to their relative’s firearms. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has started “Project ChildSafe” and has given millions of free safety kits through partnerships with law enforcement around the country.

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