WATCH: ‘Pistol-Packing’ Restaurant Employee Breaks Her Silence After Pulling Gun on Man Who Attacked Co-Worker

Earlier this month, a woman made headlines after she pulled out her concealed-carry weapon to ward off a disgruntled customer who violently attacked her co-worker.

On Wednesday, the two women — Veronica Kaehler and Miranda Schaeffer — appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the encounter at George Webb Restaurant in Wisconsin.

According to Kaehler, the man wanted his money back and entered the kitchen, where she told him, “You can’t be in here.”

“It happened very fast,” she added.

Kaehler reportedly suffered a concussion and went to the hospital after the incident. Schaeffer quit her job.

The punch, Schaeffer said, was originally for her because she told him she couldn’t give him a refund since she wasn’t a manager.

Watch their interview below:

“It was going to be bad,” Schaeffer said of what would have happened if she didn’t have her gun. “[…] He would have most definitely kept on coming. He would have kept on hitting. He would have tried to fight both of us.”

Shaeffer talked about the attacker’s demeanor when he entered the kitchen.

“There’s someone coming in the kitchen, and he was not — he didn’t look like he was playing any games with anybody. He wanted his money, but he didn’t want to wait, like, literally maybe a minute,” Shaeffer said.

Watch the original encounter:

“And as soon as she said, ‘You can’t come back here,’ that’s when he punched her, and I said, ‘No, we’re not gonna have no more of this,’ so I pulled out the firearm,” Schaeffer added.

Shaeffer explained that while similar incidents previously happened at the restaurant, that was the most “severe.”

Kaehler told “Fox & Friends” that she told Schaeffer to bring her gun to work given the restaurant’s volatile atmosphere.

She said that while working at the restaurant, it experienced “incident after incident, robberies, you name it.”

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