Retirement Seems Good for the Obamas. Pictures Show Them on Billionaire’s Yacht Hanging With Celebs

Many noticed that, during the eight years of Obama’s presidency, the stress of the job took a toll on him physically.

Here he is in 2008:

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Now here he is at the end of his second term:

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

While the former president may have been stressed while serving as the leader of the free country, it’s becoming pretty clear now that Obama is out of office, relaxation is at the top of his list.

Rather than hunkering down at some private beach house, the Obamas are partying like movie stars … literally.

Photos just came out that show Barack and Michelle on a private yacht in the French Polynesian sea with the likes of Oprah and Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks (and their wives), according to NYMagazine:

That private yacht is a $300 million, 454-foot boat owned by business magnate David Geffen:

AFP/Getty Images

The former president and first lady strutted the deck of the yacht like they were pros as they posed and took pictures of one another:

AFP/Getty Images

While life seems pretty sweet for the Obamas this weekend, this isn’t the fist vacation the couple has been on since leaving the White House. They have also traveled to the Caribbean with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, and they have vacationed in Hawaii, Palm Springs, and New York.

Some said Obama vacationed a little too much while in office, considering that he played 333 rounds of golf during his two terms, according to The Independent.

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