Revelers Trash the National Mall after Earth Day Celebration

The Global Citizen Earth Day celebration at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., brought out tens of thousands of people deeply concerned about the environment.

The event included a concert featuring Mary J. Blige, Usher and No Doubt, and appearances by numerous dignitaries including several members of Congress, as well as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagard.

According to USA Today, Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers said the purpose of the event was to bring focus to major environmental challenges like pollution, climate change and overpopulation:

“Whether it’s the big migrations we expect to see or soil depletion or emptying the oceans, loss of species, loss of timberland — all these things are creating poverty at the same time that they are also creating climate change issues.”

According to some who attended the rally and aftermath, the trash littering the national mall presented a stark contrast to the environmentalist message from the stage of the event:

They seemed to make an attempt to put trash in the receptacles, but not to sort properly for recycling:

It appeared the organizers of the Earth Day concert were unprepared for the volume of refuse they’d be dealing with. D.C. garbage cans overflowed with trash, with much of it strewn about the ground in the general area around the cans.

There didn’t appear to be any additional trash cans for the influx of people. Nor did any volunteers gather the garbage as it began to overflow:

For contrast, here’s how the crowds who gathered for the conservative 9/12 rally in 2009 left the mall, according to Gateway Pundit:

Image Credit: Gateway Pundit

That event had an estimated 1 million attendees, far more than the crowds for the environmentalists’ Earth Day rally this past weekend.

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