Trump’s Former Secretary of State Met Quietly With Lawmakers This Week: Report

Trump Tillerson
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While some figures in President Donald Trump‘s administration have been stonewalling Congress, and a few have even ignored congressional subpoenas, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appears to be doing something a bit different.

The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that Tillerson was on Capitol Hill to meet with leaders of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

According to the Beast, Tillerson was on the Hill on Tuesday morning for the meeting. But right now, it’s still very much unclear what he may have discussed or exactly how many members were in the meeting.

Security around Capitol Hill was extremely tight on Tuesday, as Vice President Mike Pence was also on the Hill. Tillerson reportedly used a rarely traveled route into the Hill in order to avoid media attention.

Tuesday also featured a number of former Trump officials making appearances on the Hill to brief lawmakers on Iran as tensions have increased with the nation. Among those speaking to members of Congress was former CIA Director John Brennan.

Tillerson and Trump had a famously tough relationship. The oil man-turned-secretary of state once reportedly called the president a “moron” while in the administration. And since leaving the White House, he has occasionally been critical of his former boss.

That criticism led the president to fire back on Twitter in December 2018, calling Tillerson “dumb as a rock.”

Tillerson’s appearance on the Hill on Tuesday also coincided with the non-appearance of former Trump attorney Don McGahn. Trump ordered his former lawyer not to testify, which infuriated House Democrats, and they held a short mock hearing anyway without McGahn.

The foreign affairs focus at the moment has to be Iran, where tensions have been ratcheting up ever since the U.S. pulled out of the Iran deal. Those tensions grew hotter recently when the Trump administration sent military assets to the Middle East.

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