Rick Reilly Explains What Trump’s Golf Cheating Says About His Character

Donald Trump golfing
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Sportswriter Rick Reilly had a lot to say to about President Donald Trump‘s golf game in his new book “Commander and Cheat” that details how the president deceives people that play with him.

Reilly writes in his book that “golf is like bicycle shorts, it reveals a lot about a man,” and Trump’s cheating in the sport reflects on his character.

“What it reveals about him is that he has to win no matter what,” Reilly said in an interview on CNN Tuesday. “It’s not that he loves golf, he just loves beating you.”

Reilly said that the president is good at golf and people like playing with him, but he overexaggerates his scores and ability, which is only truly revealed when Trump plays on camera.

“When there’s rules guys and cameras, he’s not that good. When it’s just his course, his caddy, his world, he’s pretty good.”

Reilly personally played with the president and claimed his caddies plant new balls and Trump reports phony scores. “I played with him, he was fun but it’s crazy.”

“How important is it for you to win? Reilly asked. “You’re worth billions.”

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Reilly also revealed that former President Bill Clinton also cheated in golf, but not for the same reasons.

“He cheated but in a completely different way,” Reilly said, joking that Clinton was just bad at the sport.

“He wasn’t trying to make you lose, he’d always play his first ball, but he was just trying to get the game. It’s like a guy who goes to the bank to steal a pen versus the guy who steals the money. [Trump] really needs to win and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

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