GOP Senator Warns Against the Government ‘Taking Over’ Health Care: ‘We’re Going to Ruin the Entire System’


Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) cautioned against the idea of government-run health care programs like “Medicare-for-All” during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday, saying that we could “ruin the entire system” if we implemented such a program.

During a Sunday interview with Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation,” Scott — the Republican junior senator from Florida — voiced his support for guaranteeing those with pre-existing conditions access to health care before warning against the idea of “the government taking over health care,” saying that it would not work and that we ran the risk of “ruin[ing] the entire system.”

“This idea of the government taking over health care and running all of health care has never worked. It’s not going to work. We’re going to ruin the entire system.”

Watch the video here:

Scott continued on to say that the issue was not “access” to health care and called for a “focus on the problem” of the rising health care costs and “the unbelievable inflation we’ve seen.”

The Florida Republican also took shots at his Senate colleague and 2020 Democratic presidential primary hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the interview, slamming Sanders’s “Medicare-for-All” proposal as “going to ruin our health care system.”

Watch the video here:

He later claimed that “everything [the Democrats] keep doing is raising the cost of health care.”

Sanders appeared on “Face the Nation” Sunday, as well, where he announced that he would be reintroducing his “Medicare-for-All” bill to the Senate “in the next couple of weeks.”

Watch the video here:

The senator from Vermont is running in a crowded 2020 Democratic primary which includes fellow Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

Warren, Booker, and Gillibrand were all co-sponsors of Sanders’s 2017 “Medicare-for-All” bill in their respective chambers of Congress.

Sanders came under fire earlier this month after an FEC complaint filed against him alleged that the senator had hired foreign nationals to work on his 2016 presidential campaign, as IJR Red previously reported.

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General Confusion

While Scott was chief executive, Columbia/HCA defrauded Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs. The Department of Justice ultimately fined the company $1.7 billion in what was, at the time, the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history.

In what way should Scott get anywhere near health care?

I am confused.


well…let’s take the sterling job they did with Obamacare (co-written WITH the insurance industry).
Let’s look at the wonders of the VA.
Let’s look at the “bailout” and “shovel ready” (for bullshit) jobs.
Let’s also consider the wonderful cronyism of Solyndra and other taxpayer-subsidized failures.

General Confusion

“We’re going to ruin the entire system.”

Ruin the system for who? The drug and insurance companies who control the entire health care scam or his constituents?

General Confusion

“We’re going to ruin the entire system.”

Ruin the system for who? The drug and insurance companies who control the health care scam or his constituents?

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